How do your "lady skills" stack up?

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How do your "lady skills" stack up?
Tue, 02-08-2011 - 12:50pm

The term "lady skills" cracks me up - it sounds too much like "lady parts" I think.

Women Under 30 Losing 'Lady Skills' Like Cooking and Cleaning

"While today's women are advancing in the workplace and making more money, a new study found that few of them know how to do the same domestic chores their mothers and grandmothers did every day.

Researchers found that only 51 percent of women under 30 knew how to cook a roast while 82 percent of baby boomer females thought it was a cinch. "Women of today tend to be busier, juggling more roles, and are quite prepared to compromise a bit of the homemade just to save some time," social researcher Mark McCrindle told Australia's Courier-Mail."

I don't know that these so-called lady skills are necessarily part of living a green lifestyle -- maybe it's more a part of the simpler lifestyle -- but I see a real resurgance in skills like this. Today we see more people starting to garden again and grow their own food, can and preserve it, more people sewing and learning other skills that were seen as old-fashioned or too stereotypical. Of course I think they should just be labeled as "skills" and not "lady skills" but that's a whole other topic! Regardless, I think people really are getting back to basics and re-learning the skills that had begun to die out.


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Tue, 02-08-2011 - 4:24pm

I'm offended by these things being called "lady skills" My DH knows how to use an iron and can sew by hand and the machine. there arethings my DH can cook better then I can, and he cleans too.These are living skills and both sexes need to know the basics. I plan to teach my DGS's how to cook, clean and do some basic sewing. I plan to make sure that the boys will be able to eat good food and not have to buy everything in a box or out. When we cook now DGS (4) likes to help and he gets to help. He loves to slice the mushrooms, or stand on a stool and stir the pasta.

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Wed, 02-09-2011 - 10:19am

He he.

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Wed, 02-09-2011 - 10:57am
Well, I'm not under 30, and I don't know about my "lady skills" (that just sounds wrong! lol), but put directions in front of me and I can do just about anything! Necessity is truly the mother of invention around here! lol
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Wed, 02-16-2011 - 2:18pm

Well, first of all, I object to the label! Why should these skills be more female than male? My girls all know how to use tools, change their own oil, check a battery, build a fire, etc. My boys can sew on a button, cook, hem pants, iron, do the wash...and the like. Sheesh!

I do agree that a lot of the younger generation has lost homemaking skills. I know very few who can use a sewing machine or cook a meal totally from scratch or darn a sock or alter a garment. Heck, I can fix my own appliances, do most things on my car (change a tire, check fluids, change oil, clean out the fuel filter, because my Dad INSISTED!). I'd be a great pioneer type except that I do so love my creature comforts! I can make a quilt, braid a rug, cook over a fire, make baskets and a lot of other "obsolete skills".