Need some eco-friendly birthday party ideas!

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Need some eco-friendly birthday party ideas!
Mon, 04-11-2011 - 12:17pm

Macy's birthday party is this Friday after school. She is obsessed with SpongeBob {gag} so that's the theme. I'm going to make some sort of SpongeBob cake - either a cake and decorate it like him, or cupcakes and put little S'bob cupcake flags in them that I can print on my computer.

I broke our compact to buy a yard of S'bob fabric and made this for our front gate:

Party banner_low res.jpg

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Tue, 04-12-2011 - 8:17am

If you want to do balloons get a few mylar that are birthday ones and don't seal them with heat just clamps. Then after the party you let the air out and you can reuse them again. there are places that will recycle mylar.

Do you have the welchs jelly jars? We like to get the little ones they have that are printed with the fun things and reuse them all the time. I have some jelly jars that my grandma had and used with use when we were little kids. They are great jars to use for drinking out of. These fun for the kids and heavier then the normal glass drinking glass

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Tue, 04-12-2011 - 9:36am

I wish I had some functioning brain cells right now and could chime in.