Trying the "Real Foods" diet...

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Trying the "Real Foods" diet...
Mon, 03-12-2012 - 3:49pm

DH & I have had a growing fascination with food over the past few years. First we stopped eating meat as the centerpiece of every meal. We started making more foods from scratch, stopped eating as many canned items, boycotted anything with HFCS, and branched out to things like quinoa, brown rice and whole wheat pastas instead of bleached white everything.

To make a long story short, we've decided to try out the Real Foods Diet~

100 Days of Real Food

And also cut out corn. DH is allergic to it (it affects his asthma) but he still eats it. We've been wondering how he would feel if he truly stopped eating it, not just in corn-on-the-cobb and popcorn form, but also cutting out cereals with corn, corn syrup, starch, etc.

Eventually, he'd like to cut out dairy and meat too...which I guess would make him vegan! (Crazy, since he was a meat-is-all-I-need-in-life guy when we met.) Not necessarily permanently, but he'd like to see what it can do for his health. We've watched so many documentaries lately that I think he's really convinced that a plant-based diet can do wonders for ones health.

So today I did our weekly shopping and bought all real foods: free range eggs, free range / organic / grass fed / humanely raised ground beef and chicken, organic veggies, whole wheat flour, whole wheat pasta, quinoa and organic milk.

Some good movies we've seen lately via Netflix, if you're interested~

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
Forks Over Knives


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Mon, 03-12-2012 - 10:16pm

Good for you Kellie! Are your kids on board with the idea? I have to admit that I would have trouble with the no-sugar part. (I'm guessing that honey is allowed?) I didn't have a chance to read just how strictly one is supposed to interpret non-processed. Please keep us posted on how you all are doing with it.

We eat a largely plant-based diet. Dh decided to stop eating red meat back in the mid-1990s so it has rarely been served in my house since then but I will sometimes order beef or lamb in a restaurant. We do eat poultry and fish. Dh doesn't drink milk but I do, and we both consume a lot of dairy in the form of cheese and yogurt. We eat a fair amount of legumes, and try to practice "food combining" to maximize protein. I love fruit and I'm trying to eat it instead of sweets that contain refined sugar, doing well sometimes and failing miserably at other times! I choose whole wheat pasta whenever its available, often serve brown rice, and sometimes serve quinoa or whole wheat couscous or bulghur. I don't buy many organic prodcts, mainly because of the price difference. However all of the produce that I grow in my garden is organic and it accounts for the majority of our vegetable consumption. We recently bought organic brown eggs and did a taste test against some conventional white eggs--the white eggs had more flavor! I don't remember if the organic eggs were from free range chickens. I have been hearing more and more about the benefits of grass fed beef and I'm thinking that the next time I want a steak it should be from a grass fed animal. We have a number of farm-to-table restaurants around here so I should be able to find it without too much trouble.

I think that eliminating the processed foods is the key. When my dd was a teen she decided to become a lacto-ovo vegetarian--basically our regular diet, minus the poultry and fish. It wasn't long before she was eating vegetarian junk food--things like greasy cheese pizza and breaded soy "chicken wings". That it was plant based was the best thing you could say about most of it. Lots of fat and probably sugar and other empty calories. Later she dated a vegan and tried to eat like him to some degree but found that a vegan diet is not always that much better either. We don't realized how much processed food we eat until we try to cut it out of our diets.

I'll be very interested to hear your thoughts on this as your family gets going with it. Good luck!

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Tue, 03-13-2012 - 11:52am
I'm not sure the kids really understand (or maybe they just don't care?) yet. I made some granola bars for yesterday's snack and they really liked them. I took that opportunity to explain all the icky things that are in the granola bars we buy at the store and how these are better for them. We don't do much junk food at home anyway, but I think we can find good substitutes for the stuff we do eat.

Funny you mentioned eggs. I bought our first organic, cage-free, yada yada eggs last week and was so excited to have them. I didn't notice a difference at all! But then I look at photos of factory farms and I can at least feel the difference - kwim? - they're such sad places. :( I have heard that grass-fed beef does taste better, but may be a little tougher because the cattle aren't forced to stand in one place, so they build muscle, and they aren't given all the hormones, etc. I think it's a trade I can make, especially since we eat steak about once a year. We do ground beef more often.