What a terrible disaster in Japan!

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What a terrible disaster in Japan!
Thu, 03-17-2011 - 9:47am

The destruction and damage and loss of life is just overwhelming. Mother Nature can certainly be one of the worst contributors to pollution and upsetting ecology. I shudder over the damage of the earthquake and tsunami but am totally alarmed at the potential disaster of the nuclear power plant. I do believe nuclear power can be safe and a dependable source of power, with the drawbacks of disposal of the used rods, of course, but wish siting of them was more well thought out and there weren't so many on earthquake faults or in zones potentially subject to natural disaster.

My heart goes out to those poor people suffering the devastation of their homes and country and I am certainly hoping that the nuclear "incident" is the worst that is going to happen in that area. It's downright terrifying to think of the possibilities of this event!


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Thu, 03-17-2011 - 3:05pm

I agree.