All at once or space it out?

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All at once or space it out?
Wed, 10-31-2012 - 7:54pm

Renovations, that is. Do you prefer to line up the projects and do them in bunches, or do you prefer to do one then take a break before starting on the next?(assuming of course that your budget allows you to choose) Does it matter if its DIY vs. hiring others to do the work?

Another kind of related question: do you ever break up really big or expensive projects into smaller sections with purposely long spaces between work? I'm thinking of house painting, where you might paint the side(s) of the house that show the most wear or fading, and schedule the other sides for a much later date? This was suggested to us by a house painter once, as a way to keep ahead of weather damage without such a big cash outlay at one time.

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Thu, 11-01-2012 - 12:39pm

OK, DH says...

We try to find one doable project at a time and make it something we can afford *and* something that can be done in a single month or so, whether we are DIYing (which we haven't done in ages) or contracting... and then take a break, saving up $$$ and mess tolerance for the next. So, on the interior (and even parts of the exterior) we do it one project a seaon, one room at a time, a deck here and a sidewalk there... Don't know if that makes sense or not, but it does mean we can live in the place while the work is going on (and we have even been known to go on vacation while a major job was being done to avoid most of the mess and inconvenience (an attic conversion to a second MBR suite, and a new deck off the kitchen come to mind as the two projects we treated that way --- of course, it helps if you know and trust your contractor to leave them alone and unsupervisedQ!!). Of course, it depends on the project --- the roof HAD to be done all at once as it was too far gone and interior damage was likely going to result if we didn't move on it, but painting the dock is less of an issue and can wait until next summer...

You can do one exterior side at a time (in fact, I think our rental manger did that with our old house in CA) but DH says HE wouldn't parcel it out unless you are strapped for cash and part of it NEEDS painting badly for protection (remember, you paint as much for protection as for appearance). His opinion is that you will be able to see where the painting stopped --- that the upainted sides will show as more weathered, etc. and it might be difficult to match existing paint colors in future.

Besides, I beleive in our case, we ended up having to do the whole house the next time because the weathered side was STILL the weathered side when it came time to do the "left-over" sides, if you know what I mean...

I don't know if they charge a set price per wall or if there is economy in scale in doing it all at once (after all, they have to mobilize crew, set up scaffolding, power wash, etc., no matter how many sides of your house they paint.). He suggests you ask for two bids --- one for whole house, one for part... and determine if you are saving or not doing it that way.

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