Challenging outdoor front entry space

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Challenging outdoor front entry space
Sun, 01-20-2013 - 11:40pm

Hello -

I am new to ivillage. Not sure how it works.

We have a very challenging outdoor front entry way. It is dark and lifeless. I would love to get some ideas from those possessing more talent than myself. What decorating ideas would help create an inviting space and offer more curb appeal. I have pictures!

Does anyone know if that activity is provided on iVillage? If not, does anyone know which site may offer those ideas.



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Mon, 01-21-2013 - 2:10pm

Stocker2, I 'm glad you stopped in and Welcome to iVillage! Yes, we try to help, if not with our own experience, with links to blogs or web sites that deal with similar issues. So I hope you will stay and sit a spell, come back often, and even explore other parts of iVillage which might be of interest to you. We are a good group of ladies (and a few gentlement as well)  and we cover a range of topics...

I don't know if I can say I have more talent than you but I have a similarly dark entry --- east facing front door behind a lot of vegetation and a porch overhang...) and haven't really tackled it' s decor much (except for a fresh coat of dark- emerald-green paint!) - most people around here enter through out garage entrance because it is closer to where they park their cars.SO I have to admit to not having addressed teh curb appeal issues of our front door. One of these days...

We have a few threads posted on this board but the links appear to have been broken. However, there is this thread...  or this one which might be helpful in providing some inspiration.

Genereally, the "bones" of front entry exterior decor are doors (style and color), hardware, and lighting. If you are lucky enough to have the space (like a porch), you can stage the area with a comfortable seating arrangement like so: or The concept of a "porch room" is always a great way to create a welcoming entry: becasue if YOU use your proch, others will fell confortable there too.

Of course, if you don't have a porch, it's time to back up to the basics --- door, hardware  and lighting, --- with a few accessorites like a wreath, a pot of flowers or plants, etc.

And yes, you can post pictures... see the thing under the posting box where it says attachment? Browse for that picture on your computer and so long as it is a jpg less than 2MB in size it will load. I find that sometimes you can only post one photo this way, however --- but this may just be an issue for me. It's worth a try... OR, if you have the photos listed in a storage site like Photobucket or Flikr, and have a public account, you can post a link to the photo in the text of your post. Or, if there is a little tree icon above the post box, click on the tree and it will ask you to insert a url (I know you can get one if you use Photobucket --- it's called the "Direct link) and the photo(s) will show up in the body of the post. All choices which work for me, at least...

Again, thanks for dropping in and let's see if we can cheer up that entry for you!

P.S. Just ask if you have any questions about how iVillage works (it's been a little buggy of late but I can find out asnwers for you or refer you to the help team if necessary)! We want to make your visits fun and helpful!