Deck Planning - How to Build a Deck Step by Step

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Deck Planning - How to Build a Deck Step by Step
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Decking consultant CanberraThere are two ways to build a great deck – skills permitting, either you can do it yourself or you can hire a decking contractor. In either case, a great looking deck always calls for advance preparation on your part. Here’s a great article on how to build you deck step by step.

# 1 “All great things begin in the mind” – Begin by visualizing the deck in your mind

Even if you intend to hire a deck builders Canberra, you need to visualize the deck in your mind. How high will it be, how will it look, what features are in it? Will your deck have a roof and screen? Will it have built-in seating arrangements or will you buy some deck furniture? Visualize in your mind the children’s area, access to the kitchen, entertainment zone, space for potted plants and so on.

Obtain some magazine or books on deck architecture related to your region. Pick and choose. Mark out what you require and what you would like to see in your deck. Then cut out portions that you need and create your own deck design. This step is vital irrespective of who is going to build your deck because it will give you the basis on which a great deck design can be created.

# 2 “Keep it simple” – It will be easier to build and could also cost less

For example, unless really required, avoid multiple levels that require creation of steps as it will involve more work and material. Instead, you can achieve different levels by incorporating gentle slopes using non-skid material.

# 3 Research your options on deck material

Visit your nearest decking supplier and see the various types of decking material that is available and suitable for your region. Magazines and books on deck architecture too will have a lot of information on deck material. Your local deck material supplier will (usually) be quite happy to answer any queries you have as to quality and suitability of the material.

# 4 The design

Once you’ve followed the above 3 steps, you will either be able to draft the deck design yourself or, if you do not have drafting skills, hire a draftsman to draw a deck design based on your input. Once the design in ready, make a Xerox copy and in each section of the deck, mark the various different materials that will be used. Make notes so you or your deck contractors is clear about the design specifications.

# 5 Estimate the cost of the decking material

Once you’ve followed the above 4 steps, you will either be able to figure out the material you require on your own or, you will need to visit a Decking consultant Canberra / local decking supplier who will draw up an estimate based on your design and notes.

You should now have the design and a fairly accurate estimate of the cost of your deck. Based on these two factors, you may either go back to the drawing board (especially if the estimate is more than the budget you had in mind), or you can begin the deck construction.
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Great tips from a pro! Thanks for sharing!