No wall space what so ever

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No wall space what so ever
Thu, 08-29-2013 - 7:45pm

We moved into this what was a man cave modular home a couple years ago and I am struggling to figure out how to redecorate it since back wall is all windows and fireplace so no wall space for my knick knacks or pictures.  The walls are wood paneling but as I said before the living room is very little wall space.  The kitchen  and dinning area is all cabinets that is built on the wall in one long cabinet with several doors.  Drives me nuts I can't take out just a couple without taking them all down.

Any suggestions would be great!


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Sun, 09-01-2013 - 2:03pm

I can sympathize --- we lived in a mid-century modern home once wihch was all glass along the back and no dividing rooms in the living area. We resorted to hanging pictures in hallways --- until we added on a large room with lots of wall space! Hallways are great for galleries, as are stairway walls...

Have you concidered taking some of the doors off  of a cabinet or two in that dining/kitchen and using the shelving as display space?

How about furniture placement? We purchased two glass-fronted cabinets roughly sofa back height and used them in place of a sofa table for our "floarting" sectional. They are great for displaying knick knacks, albeit below eye level. We also have two very large hutches, one antique CHinese, where we put small items like figureines ... saves on the dusting too!

Above the fireplace? We put several painting above our fireplace --- possible because the wall above teh fireplace is two stories high... But there usually is at least some space for for a picture or two as well as tchochkes on the mantle piece...

And bedrooms are always good places for photo walls...

Hope that gives you some ideas.