Does anyone have as many books as I do?

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Does anyone have as many books as I do?
Fri, 01-04-2013 - 8:23pm

I would love to have one of those stylish, all neatly arranged with beautiful decorative objects, bookshelves, but, seriously, where are you supposed to put all your BOOKS??

I used to have a bookshelf covering a whole wall in my office. Some shelves had books two deep. My daughter took over that room, so I moved it to my bedroom, but only had room for half of it. It tore my heart out, but I gave away half of those books. Then the bedroom got rearranged and I had to take it down again. Once again I whittled down my collection. This time I donated the books to the library, so it wasn't so hard. I figured I could just borrow them back if need be. I still have at least 3 large boxes and 6 large bags full of books that I just couldn't bear to part with. The only place left I can put a bookshelf is the living room. Is it really so awful to have a bookshelf with actual books in it?

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Tue, 01-29-2013 - 1:50am

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Tue, 01-29-2013 - 9:36am

As a book "fanatic", I know exactly what you mean. I still have BOXES of books in the basement that I have no room for, to say nothing of piles of books on the floor in my "office"/book room because all the shelves are full (double shelved, in fact). It didn't help that I had so many books in Houston when I was reviewing, even though I donated most to the library and sold an equal amount to a friend who was opening a used book store! You see, I was reviewing for a magazine *and* on an award committee for a convention and so I was getting LOADS of free books from publishers every day, more than I could read...

The we moved to London and I discovered BRITISH books! Oh my --- I donated to the library there as well (they thought I was mad! LOL) and also to the American Club library in Beijing and the company guest house library in Saudi but still came home with boxes of books from all three places... These three sources of books are shelved --- it's the Houston books that are boxed...

When we were looking for ahouse in Houston, I told teh realotr that a MUST for me was a library. She kept pointing out stair landings that would be perfect! I guess nobody likes books --- they say it makes a room look cluttered!

Well, I WANT, nay, NEED a reading room like this one:

Does it look cluttered? Laughing

P.S. That is the old British LIbrary Reading Room when it was in the British Museum... This is the new one at the "new" British LIbrary:

British Library's reading room

Not nearly as atmospheric, IMO!

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