Help with window treatments for dining room

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Help with window treatments for dining room
Mon, 10-18-2010 - 3:34pm

Hi! I am getting ready to buy window treatments for my dining room. I want to let the light in, but block out my neighbor's house. I am considering Bali's Natural Shades - made from bamboo & woven wood. I really like how they look, adding a lot of warmth & texture to the room. And, I like how eco-friendly they are - made with sustainable materials. But, I am worried about making such a big change. Has anyone installed natural shades in their home? Any advice?

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Mon, 10-18-2010 - 7:00pm

I personally have not installed that kind of shade, or similar ones. A lot has to do with house style and personal taste colliding in my case. I LOVE the look of wooden shades but our house's style doesn't lend itself to them...

So my advice would be, if these shades fit your decor, do the job you want (let in light but lock teh view of your nieghbor), and fit your budget, go with it. You home decor is YOUR (and your family's, I suppose) taste - not mine, or others.

We would very much like to see what your room looks like, after you install these shades. I personally would like to see thm in place and see how they go with your furnishings.

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