Mixing styles - old with new...

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Mixing styles - old with new...
Sun, 09-09-2012 - 12:11pm

Ever try to mix styles in a room--- classic or traditional with modern or contemporary? 

How to Mix the Old With the New
Learn tips to seemlessly mix modern and traditional decor for a one-of-a-kind style
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Mon, 09-24-2012 - 1:15am

I would absolutely love a window seat like this...:smileyhappy:...

The desk is so cool!

My ds and I moved and next door to us is a beautiful home, my ds calls it the "Mansion"...:smileywink:...

One day I walked by on my way to the bus stop and there was a desk outside by the curb.

I vowed if it was still there I would ask if they were getting rid of it...

So I return home and it's still there...Yeah!!!

So I knocked on the door and she said feel free to help myself.

It is painted a gorgeous blue and is on casters similar to the desk in the picture.

I am not to sure where it's home will be.

Right now it is the hall, kind of a catch-all...:smileywink:...it is so handy.

My keys I usually put there.

I also put things there to remind myself to take them with me or to put away.

One of our cats sleeps on it or under it...lol...her new bed or nap-time place!

I might move it into my room or out into our eat-in kitchen, we still don't have a table yet but...

...we do have two chairs...

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Mon, 09-24-2012 - 11:46am

Yes, I think that was my favortie as well...

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Mon, 09-24-2012 - 11:46am

How cool! want pictures! LOL

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Tue, 07-23-2013 - 10:37am

We have lots of threads about "style" --- from Classic Style in your home to Rustic style...and including Beach-Inspired Home Decor (with Video),  French Country Style (there's a second thread with the same title:  French Country style) and Urban Chic - French Style, Traditional Style...Modern or Contemporary Style and contemporary style,  Do you love cottage style? and "Cottage" Style,  Decorating Mad Men Style, etc... Even went so far as to post about  Second Hand Style

And that's not all --- we even went so far as to do specific threads on styles for different roms, like kitchens, baths, etc. But I won't go searching for those links now.  Because what I wanted to talk about was...

But there are no hard and fast rules that say you have to pick and stick to one style. And it is entirely likely that your love of Spanish gothic might well give way to Danish modern or even overstuffed traditional as you mature. But what to do with all those pieces in one style? You could sell them, donate them, or...you can go eclectic --- mixing styles from different periods or cultures. It's all about reflecting your own taste!

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