What's wrong with your kitchen? 5 common goofs.

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What's wrong with your kitchen? 5 common goofs.
Fri, 02-11-2011 - 5:39pm

Our local paper recently cited this article in Consumer Reports about the 5 most common kitchen design goof ups. See the article for more detail but, in a nutshett, they were:

1. Oversizing the island.

2. Not maximizing storage.

3. Blowing off ventilation.

4. Not lighting the way.

5. Leaving the garbage out.

Does your kitchen fall into any of these?

We designed our own kitchen and tried to take everything into consideration. We did leave out a place for the garbage though. Honestly there just wasn't any more room to include a hidden place for the garbage so we have a nice looking metal can with lid that sits out. In our next home, I would love a covered place for garbage and recycleables so no one has to see them.


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We inherited our kitchen and, while the island isn't especially big, it is big for the space it's in.

And we don't have a garbage place either --- instead, we have one of those step-on cans (you know, the ones with pedals that open the lids) and as the bag fills, it gets taken to the garage where the garbage can lives just outside the door to the garage...

The only issue we have with this is if it's hot (like last summer) - walking past that can is horrid! However, there are kids out here who think it's fun to knock over garbage cans, and then there are raccoons who have the same idea, so it's safer to keep the can inside until the pick-up day...