Using Pallets

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Using Pallets
Tue, 01-07-2014 - 8:43am

My husband brought home about 10 pallets from his work (I asked for one, got ten! Ha!).  I have a few ideas of ways to use them in our home, but I'm wondering if anyone here has used them before?  If so, what did you make with them?  I'd love to hear any/all of your ideas! 


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Mon, 02-03-2014 - 4:57am

Are the pallets wooden? Last year I've made some nicely looking shelves for storing my books. You could also place them under a soft comfortable sofa.

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Tue, 03-18-2014 - 5:12am
ha! I've also made some shelves using wooden pallets : ))

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Wed, 06-18-2014 - 7:37am
I actually joined Pinterest because of this idea. I found many wooden pallets that have been repurposed into great looking shelves.

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