When Renovations Go Wrong

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When Renovations Go Wrong
Mon, 12-23-2013 - 4:12pm

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’ve taken on a home-repair project that you probably shouldn’t have.

Whether the results were disastrous, costly or comical, we can all relate to the desire to do-it-yourself instead of calling a pro. After all, it'll likely save you a bundle of cash. But ask a pro and he or she will invariably tell you that it’s best to reserve home repairs to them.


Have you ever had a renovation go wrong?  Share your tales of misfortune with us... I'm sure we can all relate! 

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Thu, 12-26-2013 - 10:51am
I have memories of my husband trying to change out our thermostat... deciding not to read the directions... and us having to call the HVAC tech out to the house to fix what he did (we'd turn on the air and the heat would come on!). My hubby seems to need to learn things the hard way often!