Do You Have a Guest Room?

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Do You Have a Guest Room?
Thu, 10-24-2013 - 1:02pm

Do you have a guest room in your home? If so, how often is it occupied with guests? How do you have it decorated?

What Every Guest Room Should Have-

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Well! Good guest room decor should make your guests feel relaxed and welcomed, as though your home is a "home away from home." Stick with a soothing color scheme and fill the room with decorative furnishings that have practical uses. Consider the amenities that a nice hotel room might offer and strive to provide the same level of comfort and convenience with a greater personal touch.


  • The way a room smells can be just as important as the way a room looks. Spray your guest room with a light, non-overpowering air freshener or deodorizer. Choose a calming scent, like lavender, to make guests feel relaxed. Otherwise, choose a warm scent, like vanilla, to make guests feel more at home.
  • Plug a power strip into one of the electrical outlets. In today’s technology-driven society, most guests will have multiple electronic devices that they may need to charge. A power strip with multiple outlets on it will give them all the space they need to charge whatever they might have.


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