Thrift store decor

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Thrift store decor
Thu, 10-17-2013 - 12:19pm

Does anyone have luck finding home decor items at thrift stores?  I have friends that are always picking up the cutest things.  I just never seem to be able to find things I like!  

Do you shop for home decor at thrift stores?  What do you keep your eyes out for?

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Fri, 10-18-2013 - 11:32am

I think that's one of those things you either have a knack for or you don't.  I don't have it. :)  My parents collected lots of bric-a-brac, and I was the one who had to dust it all, very carefully, every single Saturday morning.  As a result, I don't want to have anything in my house that doesn't have actual personal meaning.  I do admire those who have a knack for decor though.

My decor, such as it is, is usually stuff I've bought on vacation - a vase from Ireland, pictures from a store in the Berkshires, art from street fairs in NYC & Barcelona - or stuff others have gotten me on *their* vacation - knick-knacks from France, a replica of Moche pottery from Peru.  Every piece has a memory or an association.  Our older kids are artistically talented so we have quite a number of pieces of their art on the walls too.

I am trying to make a bit of an effort with actual decor though.  I bought some fall garlands & a wreath for the fireplace, and they look nice, but now I'm wondering where the heck to put the stuff that normally goes on the mantelpiece.  And I want to change up our look for Christmas too.