Question about harrassing collection agency and credit report

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Question about harrassing collection agency and credit report
Sat, 12-17-2011 - 12:57pm

I apparently had a debt from 2004 that i disageed with. It sat on my credit report for 7 years and now its gone. All of a sudden out of nowhere i am receiving harassing calls from a 4th party collection agency trying to collect on it now. Havent heard from anyone in years. I feel like i did my time, waited and now my credit report is clean. I told the agency im sorry but i do not owe this debt and to only contact me through the mail via certified mail. They said they do not do certified mail. Oh well! Anyway my question is...Can this go back on my credit report AGAIN??? I would think a debt cannot appear twice after the 7 yrs are up.

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If there have been no payments or no activity on the account for 7 years, yes, that is when it usually falls off your credit report. This new creditor collector should not be able to add it back to your report. If they do, then you are able to dispute it with the credit reporting agency. This thread has some good information on the statute of limitations of debts:

Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.
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Just because it's gone off your credit report doesn't mean its off limits to a debt collector. Oddly enough having it "fall off" your credit report is also a trigger for some collectors to come after you simply because you figure you're in the clear.It's also more likely they will still go after you if it was a large debt (5 figures and up).

I'd suggest you try to find any documentation that shows the original debt amount and any copies of any correspondence you had with the original debt collector about the debt. (You say your "disagreed" with the debt but you don't say specifically what you disagreed with.)

If this is a legitimate debt you may still be liable to pay it off. I'd go through your records and try to find any kind of correspondence indicating you communicated with the original debt collector and see if there's anything you can use to show it was incorrect or if you agreed to settle.

If it's a legitimate debt, you are still morally obligated to pay it, what you need to do is get a hold of the debt holder and see if you can come to some agreement about your "disagreement." It won't go away.

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Hi Trinitysong.

I agree with Tracy (Arryl) in that the item is old and now that it has dropped off your credit report, it probably should not reappear.