Credit Card Hacks

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Credit Card Hacks
Thu, 01-23-2014 - 8:12am

Want to know how to become a credit card hacker? No, I’m not talking about becoming a member of Project Blitzkrieg and doing something illegal that could land you in the slammer.

What could keep you and your plastic free of unnecessary fees and charges, though, is by becoming a master of credit card hacks. In this case, a “hack” is a loophole — a sneaky strategy, if you will — in your credit card that allows you to get the most out of the rewards and savings they provide. From the grocery store, to paying off debt, to the grocery store again, earn cash back (the best part) with some of these money-savvy money hacks.

As some consumers have discovered, credit card processing fees can be evident when you make a purchase on your line of credit. The result of a recent lawsuit settlement between retailers, banks, and Visa and MasterCard, merchants are allowed to pass along such fees to their customers, according to Consumer World, which can be up to 4 percent.

There are ways to win the processing fee war and use credit card rewards to your advantage. Consider these for a few.

5 credit card hacks that save big bucks-

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