Credit Card Rewards

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Credit Card Rewards
Wed, 10-09-2013 - 9:01am

Free trips, free stuff and cheap gas. You know you can get it, and you want it. That's perfectly understandable, and it may be why you signed up for a particular credit card in the first place.

But as many long-time credit card holders know, just because you have a credit card that offers rewards, it doesn't mean you're going to get them. There are right ways and wrong ways to making sure you receive the rewards that come with using your credit card. So if you're wondering how to get the most out of your piece of the plastic pie, pay attention to these tips.

Do you use a credit card just to get the rewards?  

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Wed, 10-09-2013 - 1:51pm

I finally got a United Airlines credit card because charging flights (United Airline flights) on that credit card ensures I can check a bag for free.  That's a $50 savings on one trip.  I have used that reward many, many, many times and will continue to take advantage of.

I also get double miles for each United flight I charge and then I get the miles on my United frequent flyer account.  United automatically combines miles earned by using the credit card with miles earned on frequent flyer.  As a result I have been able to make 3 flights to visit family and friends by using those miles.

Currently I have several credit cards but the United credit card is the one I use because I earn rewards and get to use those rewards.

Never thought I would find credit card rewards beneficial, but I must say this is the one instance when they are.


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Mon, 10-14-2013 - 9:47pm
I have 2 cards that give cash back rewards. One gives 2 percent on groceries, and 3 on gas, so I use that for those items. It has a maximim, and pays one percent on everything else. The otheriPads 1 percent, but Has no maximum. I put as much on the card as I can...medical bills, cable, almost all purchases that are more then ten dollars - twenty at local merchants because I know it costs them if I charge....I take the credit right against the bill on the second card. I have the forst credited to a bank account because I get a bonus for doing that. I have used the bonus offers, but not often as they are usually or things I don't need. I pay the balance every month via automatic withdrawal, so no interest and no chance of missing a payment...I keep my efund in my heckling account but ignore it as part of the balance so it is like it dorsn't exist but I never go over draft...and I don't pay an annual is all free money...takes discipline, but if you have it, it pays off...