Accountability 5-19-14

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Accountability 5-19-14
Mon, 05-19-2014 - 4:45pm

Scaping the barrel to get by not using my credit card.  So far somehow I have made through 19 days of the month.   

That's all, folks....

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Tue, 05-20-2014 - 2:40pm

We sold one of our pick-ups this weekend, but the $1300 was blown through so quickly. I got caught up on all of our bills save one. I am doing pitifully right now, though. I feel pretty low because I just can't seem to get ahead anymore. I am just in maintain mode instead of the beasty repayment mode I would love to be in...Plus student loans are all coming due now that I am out of school. First payment set for auto-withdrawl on 5-21-2014 and I didn't realize it until I looked yesterday at the repayment date. I thought I had until 6-21-2014 before it started...I have not added anymore new debt though, so that is good, right?

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Tue, 05-20-2014 - 4:37pm

Jen, Yea, I think sometimes all we can do it tread water.  Because you are right that the fact you haven't added any new debt really is a good thing. 

I think you said you are applying for new work now that you are done with school, is that correct?


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Wed, 05-21-2014 - 8:07am

Sorry! That weekend got away from me!

I went to my sister in laws with my soon to be 2 year old. I brought the wine I bought with my beer can empty returns! She cooked a wonderful dinner and we sat in her hot tub. So lovely! I did spend the extra money on gas but it was worth it and have been meaning to do that for so long! I will do it again. Like a mini vacation, so great!

Then I had to work early Tuesday morning. 

I got 6 things planted in my garden. I spent about $8.00. But we will have  potatoes, carrots, parsnips, peas, spinach and onions later! So a very productive long weekend and I so enjoyed the three days off in a row.

Oh and I spent $20 on tickets for my son's play that is coming up on the weekend and i will spend money on a bridal shower I have to go to on Thursday, $30 I think. 

No new news on the house. Just waiting for the cement walls to cure, waiting for registration at land titles to secure funds. Oh and will pay our lane gravel bills this week. Here  we go....

Jen you are doing great! You have that degree and things are fantastic if you are not going into debt further. Good for you for paying bills with the sale! Serenity....that is great news you didn't have to go further in debt with the dermatologist. I feel 14000 is gonna get a kick in the butt soon! I'm so excited!!

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Wed, 05-21-2014 - 8:48am

It was kind of a holding steady kind of week without much movement. May (being graduation month) is expensive as predicted with buying photos, prom dress alteration which turned out to be very pricy (by dd is splitting cost), and then we'll be going out for her graduation (27th) and my birthday (28th). Hopefully on the 29th she will be getting her driver's license so that will mean extra car insurance too! June might be a little better but we'll see.

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Wed, 05-21-2014 - 9:48am

I am so proud of myself. After going on a rampage for the past few months, I have finally calmed myself and am focusing on getting my trip paid for (it is still sitting on my line of credit ... sigh)

I have made a budget and stuck to it. No spending on the CC :) We had a long weekend here and it was pretty frugal. I did do a dinner out with friends and it cost almost my whole weekend budget BUT because I picked up the wine with dinner Thursday, they paid for all the food and wine the Friday when we had a board game night (which was so much fun!!) and the beer Saturday when we all sat on my balcony and watched fireworks.

Cousins birthday on Sunday ($20 for a gift, budgeted) and drinks on the patio with friends (sister's treat because she came to visit this weekend).

So all in all I was only able to pay off an extra $100 off of the LOC this pay period but its better than nothing :)

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Thu, 05-22-2014 - 11:09pm

Jen, if you didn't add any debt than that is a success! You just accomplished a major goal by getting your degree, you are doing the best you can and that is all you can ask of yourself.

We had a spendy w/end here. I had no idea but my DH can't sell this place and get out of here fast enough. He spackled walls, bought kitchen tiles and is getting the house is ship shape. We got a deal on the tiles and it was only $300 for everything. Our neighbour has tools he is going to lend us and also his helping hand.

We didnt' go out to eat at all. I haven't been to Starbucks in a week!

This w/end we will be more frugal tho...