Accountability June 2, 2014

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Accountability June 2, 2014
Sun, 06-01-2014 - 5:55pm

Just posting a bit early as I don;t if I will have time tomorrow. 

Might get the house delivered this week on Thursday. It will be over a month, maybe two before we get into it but it is a start!

I spent money on one premium beer.$3.95 plus tax. I have just been in the garden and working. Next weekend though will be pricey. A hotel over night,dinner out and to the bar for my friend's staggette. Oh plus we are getting a spa treatment each. I am going to have a cheap dinner!! Plus I bought $12 bucks of silly stuff for her to wear and I am buying a bottle of sparking wine for the room to toast. Sigh. Oh well. I probably will not do anything  thing else this summer at all but house things.

Have a good frugal week everyone.

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Mon, 06-02-2014 - 2:06pm

$223.85 on groceries, pretty much two weeks worth of the budget.  I scraped by last month, so going to try and space it out better this month.  

$20 for DD14 to get a pair of shorts.  

Did the whole coupon/matching sale thing and did pretty good.  Proctor and Gamble has a thing if you buy $30 at WinCo. you can get a $10 gift card.  I matched with coupons, saved $4.50 and put it all on one receipt.  (So much easier that way.)  Only did just enough, $31.50.  

Now to budget what is left.  :)


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Wed, 06-04-2014 - 9:27am

Prom and graduation within 3 days of each, plus bought camping equipment so no - not a frugal week but I was expecting that. This week with doctor and vet visits plus trip to Target has already been expensive.

Next week after we come back from camping should be much better.

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Wed, 06-04-2014 - 11:19pm

Was doing well before today. I had a coffee & muffin $6 and sandwich for lunch $5. I haven't eaten out any other day and I am on week 3. Bought $40 of groceries and $35 on gas. I will have to get a babysitter this w/end for rock climbing on sun.

Not bad :)