Accountability May 12th, 2014

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Accountability May 12th, 2014
Mon, 05-12-2014 - 8:15am

Hi All! How did the weekend go? Did you stay on track or fall off and go boom?

I bought my MIL a small gift for mother's day. It was $18. I also had the inlaws for supper. I made a phone call to my mom so that will hurt my phone bill for next month but it was worth it. A good chat. My boys came over and cooked me bacon and eggs. The got me cards and candles from the dollar store. My youngest is giving me a cutting board from wood shop that isn't quite done. Love it!

I took my beer cans and bought wine! And I still have surprisingly enough lol. Not a really expensive week if you don't include the bill I got for gravel for our new lane for the new house. Due at the end of the month. So it begins.

We did our house lawyer duties this past week so that bill will in the mail for us, and more lender things so that bill will be in the mail too.  We might get cement this week, although it is supposed to rain so I am not sure.

Have a good week everyone!

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Mon, 05-12-2014 - 1:23pm

$25 for mothers day luncheon.  CC balance is $14,018, but it will go up when the interest posts.  It will be very exciting when it gets below $14,000.


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Tue, 05-13-2014 - 12:34am

Dh worked all weekend so it was cheap. I spent $8 at Tim Hortons but I made $100 selling one of my old textbooks. We met at the coffee shop (or donut shop as my son tells me) or I wouldn't have gone there.

We went out for dinner Thurs night to celebrate the job and that was pricey - $55 for dinner and $40 for the babysitter.

Hope everyone is staying on track out there...