April 2014 Goals

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April 2014 Goals
Tue, 04-01-2014 - 2:08pm

Hello all out there in DSG land!

Let's set some goals for this month, what do you plan to accomplish?

Did you set goals in March? Share with us all how you did- the good, the bad and the ugly.....


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Mon, 04-14-2014 - 11:47am

I did not post any March 2014 goals, so I am going back a month…

February 2014:

1. Finish remodels on both bathrooms. We have started on the upstairs half-bath and it seems to be taking FOREVER (started on Jan 20th and have been working on it sporadically since then…we are on full weekend #2). The prognosis for the full bath is not good, lol…We have purchased most of the supplies and still have $841 left in the bathroom remodel fund for the downstairs bathroom plumbing. Wish me luck and speedy progress! Half bathroom has been completed and looks pretty nice. I love the choices we made for color pallet and tiles. It really was an amazing transformation. The downstairs full bathroom…well it is at the halfway stage. Everything was torn down and the new insulation was installed. Then it sat for about two weeks. Next the backer-board in the shower/tub was installed and three pieces of sheetrock were hung. It has been sitting untouched since then. We just need to get back into it and knock it out next weekend. All of the supplies have been purchased and we came right in budget, which I am very happy about. The one last thing we still need to purchase is a grab bar/shelf for about $50 and we are done with the bathroom costs.

2. Pay off both remaining CCs with tax refund money ($6,509.27). I have one credit card left. The balance actually increased by $1,400 in March L I will be attacking this stupidness starting this month.

3. Pay off ESCI student loan ($2,000). No progress here

4. Stay current on regular bills. All bills are current or paid ahead

April 2014 Goals

1. Stop the bleeding!!! I have to put the CC and the emergency fund debit card AWAY. I had not been using them until the last few months, but have gone on a bit of a spending spree. I knew there was money coming in from a small settlement (woman door dinged x 2 and scratched the entire side of my truck with a backpack) AND the tax refund. All in all, I have added about $1,400 to my debt L and that is AFTER all of the money came in and was directed toward repayment. Goal for this month is not to use the two cards at all.

2. Pay $400 of the additional debt incurred on the final CC.

3. Plant Garden J I didn’t do it last year because school commitments took too much of my time, but I am all gung ho again. I missed the fresh produce so much last year.

4. Start composting for fertilizer for the garden in the future. We have a small pile that we will use this year, but I want to get better results (e.g. much more compost). We built a compost bin for the back yard out of free pallets and the kids are so excited to help add to it J

Since I am starting halfway through the month, I will stop there and hope I make it. I need some defined goals back in my life to make this stupid debt go away. I am going to post my debt balance here to motivate me…I will update it each month in my goals post.

4/14/2014 $152,312.00 (including Mortgage)

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Wed, 04-02-2014 - 9:04pm

Thanks for sharing, that is really interesting. You seem to be wearing the "general contractor" hat very well. Can't wait to hear more about the progress as it continues. So happy for you & your family, you've certainly earned it. 

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Wed, 04-02-2014 - 9:43am

I didn't really set any new goals for March as they were pretty much the same as the old ones. March was a bit expensive between my dd's 18th birthday and shopping for her prom dress. Plus she and dh both got new iPhones. This was after Verizon restructed the basic plan so it made getting smartphones possible. Plus I went to the most basic tier on the TV and eventually we'll probably get Roku boxes for both TVs and hopefully can eventually cancel FIOS tv entirely.

I was able to put some money back into our savings EF fund but not in the bigger fund.

Goals for April:

1. Try and save as much as I can and continue to pay down CCs. There will be a few more expenses for senior year - prom dress fitting today, senior prom ticket, and class trip ticket the worst of that is over. The prom dress was expensive but we did go halfsies on it since dd has a job. But she found shoes she liked for only $25!

2. Lose or at least maintain weight. I did keep my weight off last month and plan to continue this month.

3. Once dd figures out which college for sure she is going to (it is down to 2 with the last visit this weekend), I can finally spreadsheet it all and figure out the finances. Unfortunately it'll involve student loans since I was never able to save money for her college. :-(

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Wed, 04-02-2014 - 8:25am

Hi! We had always planned to do a house. It is a ready to move home we are putting about 400 feet back from what we are in now(rtm, already built and we bought last year's model home(so it has upgrades!) on clearance because they wanted to move it and I'm not fussy but just love it!!). We live in my husband's parents older farm house and it would cost as much to fix it up, its starting to need some serious repairs. We had started to save after paying off all of our debt for a down payment when the opportunity came up to sell the store. So we jumped. It is a lot of work to get organized with us being the general contractor I guess you could say. The cement for the basement, arranging electricity, water, septic, plumbing, garage shell, geothermal, getting quotes on all of that. Hard to believe but all that stuff is worth more than the house itself! Anyway, very exciting, a dream for 7 years and what we have been working so hard to achieve. And its kinda nice to have a job. I get paid for stat holidays, vacation pay, I can pay into Employment insurance so if anything ever happens there is that avenue and I hope there are opportunities here. I am enjoying my classes and can't wait to start the next one so we will see. All part of my plan to pay my new mortgage!!

Sure is quite on the ole board these days...hope everyone is doing ok, Please come out of the wood work and let us know people!!!

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Tue, 04-01-2014 - 9:27pm

Hey! First time ever I'm able to post from my phone! 

Karen, you are doing so great with your new job, new house, classes, it's all very impressive! I am interested to hear more about the house.....are you building on the land you already own? How did it all come about? 

Hope you don't mind the questions, I'm excited for you :)

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Tue, 04-01-2014 - 3:02pm

Great goals and progress on goals Dollar!

Lets see how march went:

March 2014:

1. Continue to add to my home purchases, bathrooms, pillows etc.Just little things I hope. Plus we hope to decide on most if not all of the other contractors.

I have definitely purchased some more things on my need list for the house. Bathrooms and master bedroom are almost complete. Also a few kitchen things. We have decided on the cement contractor, geothermal, and the septic. Progress.

2. Pass my first course and start my next one.

I passed my first course! 89%. Pretty happy. I am registered for the next one but I am not sure when it will start yet.

3. One more birthday this month!

Birthday completed for my youngest son. He is 14. Oh my! It was fun, we had a nice steak dinner.

4. Hopefully start taxes!

Taxes completed. Not as bad as I thought but will see when the gov gets them and I hear back, but all submitted.

April 2014 Goals:

1. Hopefully find out a start date for my next course.

2. Keep things going with our contractors and possibly get more firm numbers I hope hope hope.

3. Decide on more decor for the last bathroom and possibly the living room. Possibly shop in the city for it and get great deals!

4. Pick up and pay for my coffee and end tables from my girlfriend if this winter EVER goes away!

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Tue, 04-01-2014 - 2:30pm

My March Goals were:

* Pay off balance on car, I put this on a credit card so I could take advantage of my reward points. $4600. some of this is getting paid off from the settlement on my other car. Out of my own pocket will be about $2500, and then I will get $1500 of that back eventually, as I mentioned above.   All the above actually happened, the car is paid in full and I have the title already. Very thrilled this is behind me.

* Lose 3 pounds  I did not lose 3 pounds, I maintained my weight, which I still consider a victory.

* as mentioned above, I put funding the ROTH IRA on hold. I decided to start saving for a new roof instead. My goal is $14,000. ouch. So far, I have $2000, and this month I plan to save an add'l $3000 SUCCESS! I have added $3000 to my savings goal

* Continue adding to my activity, today I could only walk 8 minutes, by the end of the month I plan to be able to walk 30 minutes. darn it!  I have added a lot to my activity, I got my walking up to an hour. I also went back to my exercise class and got in about 4 classes in March, I am happy with this progress.

My April Goals are:

* Lose 3 pounds

* attend 6-8 exercise classes

* add $3000 to my roof savings, we also need to get one more estimate for this work. We have 2, the responsible thing to do would be to get one more :)

* I have a weekend away planned, so excited for this. Keep spending in check and zero spending on silly & unnecessarry things.

What do you want to do in April?!