August 2014 Goals

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August 2014 Goals
Wed, 07-30-2014 - 1:27pm

How is everyone doing? I hear of new home sales and home purchases on the horizon, cross country moves and job changes, so exciting!!! Share your successes and slip-ups here for moral support and advice. Also, we are now less than six months from Christmas, so don't forget that in your planning!

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Wed, 07-30-2014 - 1:29pm

July 2014 Goals

1. Relax and have fun in Mexico. We are going to a destination wedding for my SIL. I am excited and terrified. My mom, her husband and youngest daughter (14) will be watching the boys. I am again (like when I went to Germany in January) very scared something will happen while I am gone and DH will be with me instead of them this time…I just don’t trust anyone because of their previous health scares and my sister and step-dad just don’t listen to “the rules” I put in place. BUT…They will be ok, they will be ok, they will be ok. It is going to be a blast and is a prepaid (except for excursions), all inclusive resort. DH is even trying to learn Spanish which is super cute. The kiddos had so much fun at the grandparents’ house! My mom took them all kinds of places besides the two camps and baseball/softball games the big kids had scheduled. They went to splash parks, the zoo, kite flying…I was a wreck the entire time worrying about them. I was seriously counting the days minutes seconds until our return. Mexico was beautiful, though, and my SIL was amazingly stunning. We spent WAY more than I hoped for, but right around what I had planned ($200 over my realistic budget). All in all, I am glad DH got to go to support his only sibling, but it is definitely not my style of vacation.

2. Pay off SL #6 ECSI Student Loan. $1,800. EPIC FAIL L I was looking at the other Student Loan balances today and realized I had the number incorrectly entered on my spreadsheet for one of them…to the tune of $4,000. Also, our range went out (we knew it was coming, but I had just started a fund for it). We needed a new hood vent (never had one with the electric stove) and range. After discussing it, we decided to go ahead and get the gas one that I wanted because I have hated the electric ones that we had in our rental and here at our home. I always had gas ranges growing up and it was a steep learning curve for me to convert to the electric element cooktop. Anyway, installing the new gas line, electric and new installation for the hood, and purchasing the range and hood came up to $3,000+. I am feeling defeated and didn’t even want to admit it here because it puts us even further down the hole than when I started the debt tally at the bottom of my posts in April.

3. Begin YNAB trial. I am not big of a written zero based budget (really dislike the micro-management), but like the ideas behind keeping a spending plan so that every dollar has a name and isn’t frittered away. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this software. I used it the entire time we were in Mexico and it helped me keep tabs on the cash that I had taken with us. It is a seriously eye-opening software which makes budgeting actually fun…I bought the software the 3rd day of the trial because I loved it so much. It does take some time going through the tutorials, but it is well worth the effort to understand the system. Google a coupon code and you should be able to get it for $6 off J. I have a code too if you want to PM me (it will give you $6 off and me $6).

4. Declutter kitchen cabinets and add to the “sell pile” in the garage. When I got the new range and vent hood, I also decluttered much of the junk sellable items we had above the stove and refrigerator. Lots of stuff hanging out in the sell pile now. I love getting rid of all of this STUFF!!!

5. Finish the dining set in the garage to be sold for more snowflake payments. Maybe next month.

August 2014 Goals

So here we go. I am starting out August much further behind than I ever thoughtL. Wish me luck getting out of the rut that I am in…One step forward, two steps back. I can do it, I just need to get really mad and stomp this junk out of my life! NO NEW DEBT!!!

1. Finish the dining set!

2. Do not eat out. There is no need and I don’t really like any of the options anyway. This will help with $$$ and weight loss.

3. Try to give up soda pop for a week (baby steps my friends…I love my Pepsi). This too will help with $$$ and weight loss.

4. Start repaying the stove loan. We have a ½ beef coming in mid-August so it will be tight. The goal this month is $150 plus any interest.

5. Revisit selling the ’69 pick-up. It needs detailed and a few odds and ends to be tied up before we go forward again on this one. We just don’t use it enough for me to justify the expense of keeping it around. Sniff, sniff.


8/1/2014 $155,037.59 L

7/1/2014 $148,427.41 (ONLY Student Loans and Mortgage now!!!)

6/1/2014 $152,336.40

5/1/2014 $152,682.30

4/14/2014 $152,312.00 (including Mortgage)

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Wed, 07-30-2014 - 9:29pm

Goals for July

1. Put the money back in savings that was taken out and hopefully put more back, and continue the cc paydown.

Did pretty well here. Restored $200 back to easy savings. CC paydown continues.

2. Sell some more stuff on FB through the local yard sale group. My PC was out of commission several weeks (all my fault) but happily it was still under warranty and I got a new hard drive for free! So I need to take more photos to post. I have been doing pretty well this last month selling old books on and maybe it'll continue. 

While I finally posted some pics nothing got sold - in fact no response at all.

3. My dd wants to go to NYC but I'm not sure we can swing it financially plus she works weekends and I don't have that many days saved. I need to save some for taking her up to college next month etc.

No NYC - not much leave time and we just spent over $500 on minor surgery for our dog. Happily I got the deal of the century on extra-long twin bedding at Bed, Bath & Beyond so that helped. There is one more expensive book that she needs, but the rest I was able to get used cheap on Amazon. One class still hasn't posted their textbook so we'll see. Also, I found out that I hadn't quite asked for enough on the Parent Student Loan, so I had to make up some difference from the emergency fund (very minimal). Which is part of what it's for and it does mean less to pay back in the end so it was okay.

Goals for August

1. Continue paying down cc's.

2. Change back to regular electric carrier. Just realized that what used to be a good deal with an alternate carrier is now way more expensive. Will change back tomorrow.

3. Take daughter to college for orientation on the 22nd and get packing the week before.

4. Start investigating a second job so the paydown can go quicker and I can borrow less for college next year.

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Thu, 07-31-2014 - 8:05am

Hey Jenn, don't be too hard on yourself. You need to cook that beef lol! We have a 1/4 coming too! Love it. Good quality  and helps with my grocery budget for around 6 months. We have lots of people to feed don't we!

Lets see how July went:

July 2014 Goals:

1. Continue with house progress. Cement pads, arrange dates for garage guy, start on basement inside with windows etc. etc etc. lol

Its coming....cement pads in the basement and for the garage, garge guy coming this week to assess the situation, windows in but not patio door in basement, basement pretty much framed all the rooms, stairs built to the upstairs. Lots of progress even with berry harvest. So far to go...

2. Work at selling baby stuff. I have joined an online local group. Working on it. It would be so great to sell to not have to move it to new house and to raise some cash for a wedding we have to go to in Sept.

Have sold the crib, baby swing and baby monitor. No more action  on that  front for awhile and I even dropped a price. But at least the big crib and swing is gone. money in the envelope for that trip would get us there and meals and probably one night of hotel. Its a start and better off than we were before.

3. Complete berry harvest we hope. Start middle of July, depends on weather.

Completed! One more thing off our plates. We had a wedding to go to as well and it was a really good friend of mine so I helped all day with it. Very enjoyable, had a great time. Checked off list!

4. Start course I hope.

No not yet, maybe August.

5. Start packing.

I have been packing here and there for sure. I will continue to do so. I bring home boxes from work every week.

August goals:

1. Continue with house progress. I had hoped to be in by September when the boys went to school...I am not as optomistic but it could happen.Garage, sheet rock, mud, tape, patio door in, odds and ends. Fingers crossed.

2. Start course. I hope so.

3. Get in my garden more, weed my newish lilac bushes behind new house. Get some things in the freezer maybe. Make fresh salsa if the tomatoes ripen. Everything is really late this year but coming.

4. Figure out all our summer expenses. Trip in Sept, 1/4 cow, extra child care, wedding we had in July, sigh...oh and my house that is becoming a never ending money hole...

5. Keep packing, sorting, throwing out, possibly selling.

Good luck everyone!

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Thu, 07-31-2014 - 10:18am

I agree that you are being too hard on yourself Jen. A stove is something you will use everyday, you weren't out mindlessly spending at the mall. You've made tremendous progress and you will get that debt knocked down too.

Okay -

My July Goals were:

* Lose 2 pounds I lost 1 pound.

* Attend 16 exercise classes I did attend a bunch of classes and am now taking a few days off, I pulled a muscle, yowchie!

* pay an extra $2500 to my mortgage balance I did this!

* Continue with bathroom project, do more research/pricing out options for vanity top. It's going to be more expensive than normal, it is a custom job due to the odd sizing of it We found a granite remnant that was just *perfect*, so we have paid for that.  Waiting on sink to be delivered before anything else can move forward

* Car accident settled?  Nope!

* that's enough, I have to work more than usual this month to cover coworkers vacations. Fine by me, but I know I will be maxed out with time as it is.

My August Goals are:

* Lose 2 pounds

* Attend 12 exercise classes

* Car Accident settled?

* Bathroom project - Sink arrived? If so, we will be able to move forward with this. There will be some plumbing expenses, paint maybe?

* We have signed a contract to get a new roof. The company is booking into late August/September, all depends on weather delays. This is crazy expensive, but it's one of those things in life that are necessary!

* Plan a girls weekend away with my peeps

* Pay an extra $3500 towards my mortgage principle

Good luck everyone!

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Sat, 08-02-2014 - 4:38pm

I didnt' have any July goals because I wasn't ready to focus on another thing! But now things have eased up.


- Eat out only once per week

- Keep spending money below $200

- Get everything packed to reduce cost of movers

- Let my mother have the kids to reduce daycare costs (wahhh, I am going to miss my babies!!!! But it will help with my last point too)

I think that should be enough for one month with the big move happening.