Is every one busy or just not in debt any longer....

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Is every one busy or just not in debt any longer....
Mon, 06-30-2014 - 5:53pm

Okay, being sarcastic, but I noticed I am the only one that has started a thread in over a week.  And this isn't even my home board?

Asked my boss again about more hours, wait to find out if he is willing to making anything consistent and permanent.  It has already been 2 years since I last asked!  Seems like just a few months ago.

On a coupon kick right now, also.

Anywho, just a shout out that it would be great to see more of everyone.

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OK, see if we could generate soe traffic on this board.  ;-)

If I were you, I won't wait for another two years for an answer!  What is to stop you for getting another part-time job or another full-time job for that matter?  I know this sounds kind of cliche, but you need to also think about what you want to be in five years, ten years, etc.   It is not that we should not focus on the day to day stuff, but we also need longer term plans.

I have not been in debt for a couple years now, even got the mortgage paid off.  However, it is good to visit the board from time to time to "keep me honest".  Currently stashing away retirement at a good rate and should be on track to retire between age 55 and 60.  By retirement, I mean quitting my current job and looking for more interesting work.

Going back to your previous post: what are your interests, what are you good at (some skills that distinguish you from the masses), and what are your limitations (either physical, such as transportation to inability to lift 50 lbs. all day, or training wise).  Until you identify those (I would write it down on a piece of paper), it is difficult to come up with suggestions for second job/income.

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Oh gosh, I'm in more debt than I have ever been lol with the new house! But yes, so very busy with working full time, a toddler, two teenagers, the house, and berry harvest coming up very quickly. 

I'm proud of you for asking for more hours again. He must know you are serious...surely. Keep your eyes open.

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We have stalled out in the debt journey at the moment, a lot of things have come up and its tiring. I have been much busier with work and everything at home also with the girls since DH is in his busy season and not home much at all. Hoping to have some positive progress and news to report at the end of the summer, but we'll see.
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I am still here, in debt. Trying very hard to stay positive. We are finally Credit Card debt free!!! So exciting to be completely done with those...again. Student Loans are next :)

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Hi D, 

I was hesitating to ask my boss again for more hours, feeling like "I had just aksed."  But as I was cleaning out my home office, I ran across a retroactive raise check stub for August of 2012.   So in 8-12 I was told "no, there are no more hours, but here is a raise."

This time I presented it differently.  If his answer is no, that is fine, but I will be busy on "my days off" earing money elsewhere.  Right now it is not uncommon to be called in (generally asked, not told) on one of my days off.   I also told him I crunched some numbers and if I can work here 4 days a week, I won't need to look for a seond job.  (remember, I do have a small income from direct sales.)  

But you are right D that this is not the job I want to "retire" from.  I do have a sense of urgency to get my CC paid off and working more hours here is the easiest and quickest way to do that.  

So glad to see some posts when I checked today!!!


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Hi everybody....Happy Canada Day.

I wish I was not in debt lol.

Right now I have

51k on my primary house mortgage (just had it appraised- worth 400k now)

61k on a shared luxury condo in florida (love it....I go down at least every 4-6 weeks)

18.5 k credit card and line of credit debt

My primary job is going well. My first side business is booming and the second side business is slow.

Galpal and family are good and my health is cancer recurrence.

Best wishes to all,


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I'm here! I was just on vacation and now have to deal with the vacation hangover, lol. I will post about the chaos in another thread, but once the dust settles I owe about $1200 on my LOC and then have the mortgage. BUT I also have to save up the down payment on the condo I bought so technically I "owe" the builder another $65,000 in the next three years!!! Egads!

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Wed, 07-09-2014 - 10:09pm

Usually I am so busy I only have time to skim through posts. I love following everyones journeys and gaining any tips that are given :)


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