I love my job

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I love my job
Thu, 03-06-2014 - 6:39am

I just wanted to share my good news .... I am getting a bonus and a raise!! Granted they were little, but I wasn't expecting anything because I was only with the company for about 2 months before the end of fiscal (4.5 months in total). I found out yesterday they gave me a small bonus and a raise of 1.5% as a token of appreciation for my hard work! I love this place.  After the government taxes it, I am looking at about $25 extra dollars a pay, but heck, it's better than nothing! After taxes the bonus works out to be almost the exact amount as the trip to Ireland which means as of next week its paid for (you may remember I had to pay it earlier than planned because the flights were selling out quickly!).

All in all I'm really starting to feel like I have my financial house in shape. I've stopped the bleeding (you may remember I went on a spending streak in December/ January and was blowing through cash like it was water!)

Good news now:

1) No new debt ... sort of (I put the Ireland trip on a low interest CC and was going to pay it off with my tax return as discussed above. It will now be paid off in advance of the tax return!)

2) Tax return is still coming. I am going to do my taxes next week and should get something small back

3) Retirement plan through work kicked in (I am contributing 5% and the company is putting in 7%)

So all in all things are great. I can't wait until spring gets here so I can start getting out more!!!

Bex -

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Thu, 03-06-2014 - 8:39am

Congratulations to you. I think it is very important to the quality of life to enjoy your job. You are a very lucky person to have found something you love.

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Thu, 03-06-2014 - 9:43am

It is so good to read these words!!!!  I know you deserve the raise & bonus, you have always been a very dedicated worker.  And it is certainly good carma that the amount of the bonus will pay for the trip.  All I can say is Congratulations and it's about time. 

Do you still love you new place?  It does seem like a good move for a single gal.  Do the dogs like it too?  

Again, congratulations, well deserved.

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Thu, 03-06-2014 - 6:36pm

That all sounds really good. And more than a match at work just double means it is a great place. My husband gets that and wow is it a blessing. Still...so jealous of Ireland!!! congrats!!

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Fri, 03-07-2014 - 9:30am

you are doing great! and congrats on the raise & bonus - you deserve it!