June 2014 Goals

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June 2014 Goals
Sat, 05-31-2014 - 7:08pm

Hi everyone! How did your month go? Did you make some good progress this month or fall a little short? Let us all help keep you accountable and give you support by posting here.

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Sat, 05-31-2014 - 7:12pm

May 2014 Goals

1. Do not add ANY more debt!!! No new debt :)

2. Pay down $770.30 on CC#1 Paid down only $150 this month. I will be more aggressive next month

3. Finish full bathroom. This has been on serious hold because of my school commitments, but I HAVE to get it done before April 7th…see goal #3 Bathroom IS COMPLETE!!! You cannot believe how much relief this gives me. We actually didn’t get it done before the appraisal, but had the main items functioning so she appraised it as complete (YAY!!!).

4. Refinance home loan. I started this on April 28th and have already been approved and submitted all of the required paperwork. Waiting for the Appraisal on May 7th. Fingers crossed we are under the 80% threshold so we will not have PMI anymore (which is the main reason I went through with the refinance). My interest rate will go down from 5.000% to 3.375%. In total I will be saving $12,295.42 and knocking 2 more years off of our loan all while keeping the same payments we are used to. I am super excited I finally checked this out. My friend at work kept saying that I needed to look into it, but I was reluctant because I didn’t believe we were under the 80% threshold yet. This loan still has not closed, but the appraisal showed that we actually have over 30% in equity so that is great for us J It should be closing by June 16th.

June 2014 Goals

1. Get aggressive on paying off the CC! Pay off $765.96.

2. Finish refinance. Set to close on June 6th. Got a better interest rate too J 3.25% YAY! When all is said and done we will be saving $14,811.62 and will be knocking off 3 years!!! I am so excited to be kicking this mortgage’s butt!

3. Declutter entry closet and sell everything that we don’t use to make more snowflake payments.

4. Finish the dining set in the garage to be sold for more snowflake payments.

5. Sell another pick-up.

6. Get under the $150,000 threshold on debt total J


6/1/2014 $152,336.40

5/1/2014 $152,682.30

4/14/2014 $152,312.00 (including Mortgage)

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Sun, 06-01-2014 - 5:37pm

Lets see how may went:

May 2014:

1.Get all my funding for mortgage figured out. Some snags here. Working on them, going through land titles, so a delay there. Hope it all works out.  

This is all worked out! Have been very busy with the garden and new house.

2. Start my course??

No idea  when this is starting but  have heard they are not quite done with the last course, marking it, and need to work out some online kinks. Honestly....I have been busy. Its probably ok. Although I will start as soon as I can.  The next few weeks with the house are going to be crazy and oh yeah berry harvest.

June 2014 Goals:

1. Get a house!!!!!! It might come Thursday if it doesn't rain too much. We have paid the builders  for the actual house now. Hello yet another mortgage....

2. Get some details worked out with house items, front basement facing and back walls.

3. Nail down plumbing, electrical, septic, garage guy, and geothemal, get cement poured....start paying bills for this..

4. Think berry harvest will start  at the end of June, possible july begining. Work out the rest of my baby sitting??

5. Start course or find out more info?

Wow that is a lot....

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Mon, 06-02-2014 - 7:48pm

Let's see how I did in May:

1) Track my spending and stick to my budget: I have gone off the rails since January. While I haven't added any debt (still just carrying that stupid debt on the LOC for Ireland) I haven't paid it off either. Sigh. I want it paid off by the time I actually leave for the trip (June 28) but this is tight.

Done, sort of. Tried to track my spending but didn't do the greatest job but I did stick to my budget which wasn't easy !!

2) Figure out spending money for Ireland. I think I want 75 Euros a day which is just over $1200 CDN. I have a roommate for the summer and she is paying me $750 per month so I am dedicating June's rent plus the extra from my paychecks (maxed out CPP and EI) to come up with this.

I decided to go with $1000 and then bring my CC if I need it. I have $950 saved so I just need $50 more. Happily I don't have to board the dogs because my best friend and her parents are dog sitting so I can use the money that I had set aside for that

3) Pay an extra $500 on the LOC. I'm hoping I can do a bit more, but if I can pay the $500 then I have a chance of having it all paid off byJuly 1.

DONE: $530 paid with another $300 or so this week :) I think that having it paid off by July 1 may be a bit agressive but it will be close.

June Goals:

Pay off another $500 minimum on the LOC with the goal of using July's rent money to try and get it paid off! And no new debt!

Have fun in Ireland and don't spend too much!!

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Wed, 06-04-2014 - 9:24am

How I did:

Goals for May

1. Continue putting down on cc's and putting money back in easy-access savings.

I did continue paying down cc's although not as much last month. And I only now transferred a little money into savings from checking, but I hope to add more at the end of the month.

2. Get student loan stuff figured out.

Made some progress but have been procrastinating on everything. I did get loan approval but haven't gotten anything else squared away. WIll be working on that this week.

3. Get through rest of month with finals next couple of weeks, prom, and graduation! Also dd is going to take her driving test this month too.

Expensive month with prom and graduation. Driving test not so good, so we had to renew her learner's permit for $45. Also bought a tent and 2 sleeping bags as we're going camping this weekend. Still need to stock up on supplies Saturday as we're leaving Sunday.

4. Get yard in better shape (well as much as possible since dog loves to dig holes), plant tomatoes and do some other householdy stuff.

Yard is in a bit better shape (except for holes). I did plant tomatoes, and also a lilac bush that I got for $3.00 at a yard sale. Will be doing a lot more this week too.

Goals for June

1. Make it through camping this weekend.

2. Continue paying down cc's and adding savings. I just transfered a little money and paid a good amount on one of the cc's.

3. Keep spending in check. I do have to take dog to the vet today for her shots etc. so that will be another $200. Plus paying balance on dd's retainer. Plus dh has been sick and is going to doc today - I'm hoping antibiotics or heavy duty cough meds will do the trick.

4. Take some time for myself and get the bike in shape for riding.

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Wed, 06-04-2014 - 11:10am

my May Goals were:

* Lose 2 pounds. I gained 2 pounds, whoops!

* attend 6-8 exercise classes, I have attended about 10 classes

* do some home improvements, landscaping. I am over budgeting $1000.  It was $955, but then I applied $400 in gift cards, for a total of $555. Looks wonderful!

* as some of you know I was in a car accident in January. There have been countless doctor appt's ince then, but my medical treatment is nearing the end. I am anxious to have this nightmare behind me and move on.  My medical treatment is complete, but the claim has not been settled.

* I am going to target my mortgage debt for the rest of the year, this month I plan to pay an extra $1000 towards the principle. I did not put any extra towards the mortage in May

My June Goals are:

* Lose 2 pounds

* Attend 12 exercise classes

* apply an additional $3500 to my mortgage principle this month.

* Do what I can to tie up the loose ends of my car accident, I don't know that there is anything I can do.

* Begin bathroom remodel. I have scraped the wallpaper off and purchased a new light fixture.....choose a paint color? Other accessories?