May 2014 Goals

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May 2014 Goals
Fri, 05-02-2014 - 11:50am

Hey everyone! Help yourselves and me stay accountable. How did you do with your April 2014 Goals? Make great strides or fall a bit short? Let us all know how it is going in your neck of the woods.

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Fri, 05-02-2014 - 12:03pm

I done good! Smile

Goals for April:

1. Try and save as much as I can and continue to pay down CCs. There will be a few more expenses for senior year - prom dress fitting today, senior prom ticket, and class trip ticket the worst of that is over. The prom dress was expensive but we did go halfsies on it since dd has a job. But she found shoes she liked for only $25! Did really well on that! Was able to restore another $200 back to the credit union savings account which is easily accessible in emergencies. Hope I can do it again at the end of the month as I still only have about $400 in there (goal is to keep at at $1000 as the other EF takes about 2 days for it to transfer to checking). Did have to put $200 down for college deposit! Also kept up the credit card payments!

2. Lose or at least maintain weight. I did keep my weight off last month and plan to continue this month. Can't seem to lose and I even crept up a pound or two which I think I have now lost. Trying to lost weight right now has been terrible (I'm hypothyroid). I don't want to have to cut out carbs entirely or something but I may have to. And I have been getting more exercise too.

3. Once dd figures out which college for sure she is going to (it is down to 2 with the last visit this weekend), I can finally spreadsheet it all and figure out the finances. Unfortunately it'll involve student loans since I was never able to save money for her college. :-(  Haven't done the student loan stuff yet since the Financial Aid person at the college she's going to said to wait until after May 1 due to some resetting of federal loan stuff. I am dreading doing this but college is definitely worth the investment and the one she is going to is only slightly higher than a state school.

Goals for May

1. Continue putting down on cc's and putting money back in easy-access savings.

2. Get student loan stuff figured out.

3. Get through rest of month with finals next couple of weeks, prom, and graduation! Also dd is going to take her driving test this month too.

4. Get yard in better shape (well as much as possible since dog loves to dig holes), plant tomatoes and do some other householdy stuff.

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Fri, 05-02-2014 - 12:19pm

Great job!!!

April 2014 Goals

1. Stop the bleeding!!! I have to put the CC and the emergency fund debit card AWAY. I had not been using them until the last few months, but have gone on a bit of a spending spree. I knew there was money coming in from a small settlement (woman door dinged x 2 and scratched the entire side of my truck with a backpack) AND the tax refund. All in all, I have added about $1,400 to my debt L and that is AFTER all of the money came in and was directed toward repayment. Goal for this month is not to use the two cards at all. I had to rent a car for repairs to my vehicle and I am still waiting on the reimbursement so my CC debt went up again. I have been able to stop using the EF debit card though…small victories J

2. Pay $400 of the additional debt incurred on the final CC. Didn’t happen yet. Maybe this month.

3. Plant Garden J I didn’t do it last year because school commitments took too much of my time, but I am all gung ho again. I missed the fresh produce so much last year. We got the garden started with 5 tomato plants from our cousin. I need to get all of the other plants in the ground ASAP.

4. Start composting for fertilizer for the garden in the future. We have a small pile that we will use this year, but I want to get better results (e.g. much more compost). We built a compost bin for the back yard out of free pallets and the kids are so excited to help add to it J ODS is sooooo excited about this project. He comes up with anything and everything to throw out there <3 It is cute to see him as excited about it as I am.

Since I am starting halfway through the month, I will stop there and hope I make it. I need some defined goals back in my life to make this stupid debt go away. I am going to post my debt balance here to motivate me…I will update it each month in my goals post.

May 2014 Goals

1. Do not add ANY more debt!!!

2. Pay down $770.30 on CC#1

3. Finish full bathroom. This has been on serious hold because of my school commitments, but I HAVE to get it done before April 7th…see goal #3

4. Refinance home loan. I started this on April 28th and have already been approved and submitted all of the required paperwork. Waiting for the Appraisal on May 7th. Fingers crossed we are under the 80% threshold so we will not have PMI anymore (which is the main reason I went through with the refinance). My interest rate will go down from 5.000% to 3.375%. In total I will be saving $12,295.42 and knocking 2 more years off of our loan all while keeping the same payments we are used to. I am super excited I finally checked this out. My friend at work kept saying that I needed to look into it, but I was reluctant because I didn’t believe we were under the 80% threshold yet.


5/1/2014 $152,682.30

4/14/2014 $152,312.00 (including Mortgage)

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Sat, 05-03-2014 - 9:50am

Ok lets see how April went:

April 2014 Goals:

1. Hopefully find out a start date for my next course.

Nothing here yet. I hope soon.

2. Keep things going with our contractors and possibly get more firm numbers I hope hope hope.

Things have started. Costs are getting upped and upped. I'm scared to death...

3. Decide on more decor for the last bathroom and possibly the living room. Possibly shop in the city for it and get great deals!

I have not done this yet. Might wait until I get in the house. Not sure yet.

4. Pick up and pay for my coffee and end tables from my girlfriend if this winter EVER goes away!

DONE. At least one got done!

May 2014:

1.Get all my funding for mortgage figured out. Some snags here. Working on them, going through land titles, so a delay there. Hope it all works out.

2. Start my course??

That is enough. Totally stressed over here!

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Sat, 05-03-2014 - 5:32pm
Emily, if you don't want to cut out carb entirely - try the CAD diet. Or if are comfortable, try 80/20. I do that and maintain my weight well that way. But when I was losing it, I ate 50-100 carbs/day. Good luck! You can do this! Dee
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Sun, 05-04-2014 - 9:26am

I haven't done goals in a long time (and its showing, lol).

Mine are pretty simple:

1) Track my spending and stick to my budget: I have gone off the rails since January. While I haven't added any debt (still just carrying that stupid debt on the LOC for Ireland) I haven't paid it off either. Sigh. I want it paid off by the time I actually leave for the trip (June 28) but this is tight.

2) Figure out spending money for Ireland. I think I want 75 Euros a day which is just over $1200 CDN. I have a roommate for the summer and she is paying me $750 per month so I am dedicating June's rent plus the extra from my paychecks (maxed out CPP and EI) to come up with this.

3) Pay an extra $500 on the LOC. I'm hoping I can do a bit more, but if I can pay the $500 then I have a chance of having it all paid off byJuly 1.

Good luck everyone!

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Mon, 05-05-2014 - 12:29pm

My April Goals were:

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Mon, 05-05-2014 - 12:29pm

My April Goals were:

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Mon, 05-05-2014 - 12:42pm

This website is exhausting, I will try one more time!

My April Goals were:

* Lose 3 pounds I lost .4 pounds

* attend 6-8 exercise classes I did this!

* add $3000 to my roof savings, we also need to get one more estimate for this work. We have 2, the responsible thing to do would be to get one more :) The roof savings is complete, we still need one more estimate.

* I have a weekend away planned, so excited for this. Keep spending in check and zero spending on silly & unnecessarry things. I only spent about $10, hardly anything!

my May Goals are:

* Lose 2 pounds

* attend 6-8 exercise classes

* do some home improvements, landscaping. I am over budgeting $1000.

* as some of you know I was in a car accident in January. There have been countless doctor appt's ince then, but my medical treatment is nearing the end. I am anxious to have this nightmare behind me and move on.

* I am going to target my mortgage debt for the rest of the year, this month I plan to pay an extra $1000 towards the principle.

Good luck everyone!