Oh wow!!!!

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Oh wow!!!!
Wed, 05-07-2014 - 12:01am

So...the most amazing thing happened to me this morning. After trying for 5 years, I received an offer for employment at an amazing job! The pay is double what I am making now (and I'm way ahead of where I was a couple of years ago). I honestly and truly feel as though I have won the lottery. I know it is not the same as I worked for it - but I still don't even have a BA! I have always worked hard my whole life "striving". I started working at 13. By grade 10, I was working 26 hours/week and still making the grades. I have found my "forever" job and no longer HAVE (I will finish my degree, just very slowly) to do "extra" all the time.

I am hoping to continue to live as we do now w/o spending at this new level. DH has double his salary as well so we are now in a good place financially. I know some ppl "live off" one salary and put away the other. I hope to do something like that. I'm not sure where to start. We both have defined benefit pensions so I'm not sure retirement savings is the goal - maybe more investment. We'll see. But we want to pay off the LOC by next year and start REALLY saving!!!

Peace and happiness to everyone out there :)


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Wed, 05-07-2014 - 9:34am

this is fantastic news!!! Congrats!

How did it come about?

and yes, you have worked for this. don't kid yourself, this is all your hard work and determination paying off!

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Wed, 05-07-2014 - 9:49am
See! This is so empowering Dee! You needed things to change and they did, but not by winning the lottery, because you made a plan, worked hard and MADE them change on your own. I love this. I'm so happy for you. Stick to your plan of paying off the LOC and the world is yours! Enjoy, you earned it! This will change your whole life, working with very little school, more time with the family and more money. Its a win win.
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Wed, 05-07-2014 - 9:54am

Congratulations Dee!

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Wed, 05-07-2014 - 11:22am

Congrats! In a lot of ways I have my "dream job" and am finally making as much as I had always hoped for.

May this job be everything you'd hoped for!

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Wed, 05-07-2014 - 5:27pm
Amazing! You have worked so hard and you deserve this! Having a job you love makes life so much more fulfilling.

Bex -

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Wed, 05-07-2014 - 8:55pm

It is actually quite strange how it came about...I work in gov and had a temporary promotion for 19 months. I needed the $ as DH has changed jobs and is working his way up. I also started school and DS1 started sports seriously. So we were crunched. I debated about school but figured it would be the only way to get a higher paying job.

I saw an ad for what "kind of" sounded like my job. I had no idea what the salary or job entailed but on a complete WHIM I sent in an application. It is not a gov job so that is strange that I bothered. I wrote the 1 hour exam in 20 minutes. Was totally upfront, frank and honest in the interviews bc I thought it might not amount to anything...

Then I met the senior executives. People I know from the NEWS...uhm...I clarified the title of the position and the outgoing person told me STARTED at that title and never bothered to change her TITLE! It was in fact a top level position!

The ironic thing is IF I had know it was a top level position in this organization, I would NEVER have applied. I would have thought, "I don't even have a degree. They would laugh at my application so I'm not going to waste time."...and moved on to some much lower position that I never get bc I am too "energic" for the boss (yes, I have been told this in an interview!)


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Thu, 05-08-2014 - 12:53pm

Ah.....Oh wow is right!  

All I can say is "God is good...."

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Sat, 05-10-2014 - 11:02pm
Dee, that is exactly how I feel right now! Congratulations! It is so exciting and rejuvenating to finally land in the place you have always known you belong. I hope that it is everything you have always dreamed of and more!