September 2014 Goals

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September 2014 Goals
Sun, 08-31-2014 - 5:43pm

How did you do with your August Goals? Share your success here, or start anew in September.  Writing down what you plan to accomplish is a great start to your success. We will offer supprt & encouragement along the way too!

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Sun, 08-31-2014 - 5:58pm

My August Goals were:

* Lose 2 pounds I maintained

* Attend 12 exercise classes I did attend as many as possible, but far less than 12. I think about 5 classes? 

* Car Accident settled? It is not. ugh!

* Bathroom project - Sink arrived? If so, we will be able to move forward with this. There will be some plumbing expenses, paint maybe? The sink has arrived!

* We have signed a contract to get a new roof. The company is booking into late August/September, all depends on weather delays. This is crazy expensive, but it's one of those things in life that are necessary! 

* Plan a girls weekend away with my peeps  The weekend is booked, we are on our way to a relaxing girls weekend, much needed by all 

* Pay an extra $3500 towards my mortgage principle I paid an extra $2150. We had an unexpected expense of $2300 for a new hot water heater that I took from cash flow to pay for. 

My September Goals are:

* Lose 2 pounds

* attend 12 exercise classes

* schedule installation of granite top for bathroom? work schedules have made this impossible thus far

* Pay an extra $3400 towards my mortgage principle

* Roof project beginning this month? If so, second payment will be made. 

Good luck everyone!

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Mon, 09-01-2014 - 10:50am

August Goals:

1. Continue paying down cc's. Goal met. Still a long ways but every month helps. And total debt (not counting new student loans) hit another good landmark.

2. Change back to regular electric carrier. Just realized that what used to be a good deal with an alternate carrier is now way more expensive. Will change back tomorrow. I kept the more "green carrier" but got a lower rate for next 6 months. Will have to reevaluate then.

3. Take daughter to college for orientation on the 22nd and get packing the week before. Goal met. Although she is home this weekend to pick up stuff she forgot or thought she didn't need although we told her she did. lol Another $100 at Tarjet but oh well.

4. Start investigating a second job so the paydown can go quicker and I can borrow less for college next year. Didn't even think about that too much. I'll look at e-lance and other possibilities this week.

September Goals

1. Same old same old with the cc's.

2. Add more money to instant savings. With lower electric and lower health insurance and drug co-pays that should be more possible. Unfortunately I had to up the GB for cellphone last month but I may be able to lower it next month again. We'll see.

3. Investigate a second job of some kind - probably online.

4. Do more major housecleaning, yard cleanup and maybe even some house and room painting. I was way too tired last week still to do anything but hope to do more.

5. If weather cools off enough - can start using the bike. This week though it's going to be the usual DC 3 H's for summer - hazy, hot and humid. Blech! Tongue Out

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Tue, 09-02-2014 - 3:59pm

August 2014 Goals

So here we go. I am starting out August much further behind than I ever thoughtL. Wish me luck getting out of the rut that I am in…One step forward, two steps back. I can do it, I just need to get really mad and stomp this junk out of my life! NO NEW DEBT!!!

1. Finish the dining set! Didn’t get it done, but I have completed some projects to sell on a smaller scale.

2. Do not eat out. There is no need and I don’t really like any of the options anyway. This will help with $$$ and weight loss. I have done much better, but this is still a pretty large line item on my budget to cut.

3. Try to give up soda pop for a week (baby steps my friends…I love my Pepsi). This too will help with $$$ and weight loss. Hahaha, I was ambitious! I gave it up for about 18 hours, lol.

4. Start repaying the stove loan. We have a ½ beef coming in mid-August so it will be tight. The goal this month is $150 plus any interest. Moving in the right direction, but V E R Y slowly…

5. Revisit selling the ’69 pick-up. It needs detailed and a few odds and ends to be tied up before we go forward again on this one. We just don’t use it enough for me to justify the expense of keeping it around. Sniff, sniff. DH took some pics of it again and has shown it to several guys at his work who were moderately interested, but still no serious offers.

September 2014 Goals

1. Do not eat out.

2. Finish dining set for sale.

3. Pay down more on stove loan. $100+ this month.

9/1/2014 $154,999.59

8/1/2014 $155,037.59 L

7/1/2014 $148,427.41 (ONLY Student Loans and Mortgage now!!!)

6/1/2014 $152,336.40

5/1/2014 $152,682.30

4/14/2014 $152,312.00 (including Mortgage)

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Wed, 09-03-2014 - 8:51am

Keep at it everyone!

Lets see how August went:

1. Continue with house progress. I had hoped to be in by September when the boys went to school...I am not as optomistic but it could happen.Garage, sheet rock, mud, tape, patio door in, odds and ends. Fingers crossed.

Not in. Maybe Oct. I have the flooring booked, and the mud/tape. Patio doori s in, all sheet rock is done. We bought a couple light fixtures. I also need to paint. We purchased some inside window trim stuff on sale so I felt good about that.

2. Start course. I hope so.

Nope. Maybe October. We are talking about me maybe going into the city one  evening  a week now to take it, but  we will see. It has not been offered online like we thought it would be again so far. 

3. Get in my garden more, weed my newish lilac bushes behind new house. Get some things in the freezer maybe. Make fresh salsa if the tomatoes ripen. Everything is really late this year but coming.

I did get it all weeded. There are more weeds now, but not as big and it is way to wet to get in there. Plus it will frost soon. My tomatoes are not what I had hoped for and they aren't even ready yet. I did make a bit of fresh  salsa, it was good.

4. Figure out all our summer expenses. Trip in Sept, 1/4 cow, extra child care, wedding we had in July, sigh...oh and my house that is becoming a never ending money hole...

My husband won a golf calcutta thing where they sort of bet on who win's the men's night thing that has something to do with his score that I don't understand how it works. lol. Who cares! He won $563 bucks! Not expecting that! Beef is paid for from salaries. That one wedding is all paid for, not as much as I thought. My trip to brother in law's wedding...the winnings should help. I sold another baby item, a booster seat. I have sold $300 in baby items so far. No new nibbles, but you never now. Its coming, but I will miss a week of pay too. Oh yeah, my husband picked up some over time at work. It really should be covered, not all that worried.

5. Keep packing, sorting, throwing out, possibly selling.

I have done no packing, sold one booster seat. I have thrown out a couple things. I have brought home more boxes from work. My house is such a mess with packed boxes and I fear if i pack anymore we will need it. Husband already went through a couple boxes looking for things he thought I have packed.Sigh. 

August 2014 Goals:

1. Keep investigating paint options. I need another tray for sure.

2. Keep on top of conctractors. We need 3 sets of stairs, a bit more electrical, mud/tape, paint to get in there. It is coming! We need a lot more than that including a whole garage but I am more concerned with staying there lol!

3. Keep on my boss for this course. There is talk of offering the job I want in the new year. We will see. I hope I don't need to  job hunt. 

4. Survive this trip I have to take for a wedding. 14 hours in a car one way with a 2 year old.....I bought a bag of things to keep her entertained at the dollar store.

5. Get new tires for the car. We have money ear marked for this.

Oh and I got my last year of business taxes done for my store yesterday. I just have to file personal taxes in April to end this chapter of my life. I hope I have to pay less than I have set aside.

Have a great September everyone!

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Sun, 09-07-2014 - 4:57pm
Looks like I didn't set any goals for August. Woops. So here are my September goals 1) Re-do the budget. Things have changed since I did my budget and I need to reflect it. I want to increase my cash savings to at least one month of expenses. Right now it's pretty pathetic at $300 2) Lose 5 lbs. I have so sick this summer (bronchitis and upper resp infection that turned into pneumonia) that I haven't done anything physical and it stinks 3) Avoid the toll highway! I've been spending $300 a month on average on this highway :( So starting tomorrow I am going to leave really early and avoid traffic and then work out at the office (we have a great gym there). 4) Get the dog set up on an autopayment vet plan. My vet now offers a plan where I pay $30 a month and it includes 3 visits, all vaccines and blood work. I just have to buy heartworm on top of it. 5) Don't go spending crazy in Vancouver. My sister is moving there so I am flying out and spending a few days helping her get settled. Hopefully I can keep the spending in check. Good luck everyone!

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