2014 Goals and 2013 Goals Recap

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2014 Goals and 2013 Goals Recap
Sun, 12-01-2013 - 7:57pm

Is it too soon to talk about 2014? Eeeek!

Here is the thread for our 2013 Goals: http://www.ivillage.com/forums/home-garden/family-finance/debt-support-group/debt-discussions/2013-goals-2012-recap

Did you set some goals for the year 2013? If so, tell us how you did.....if not, join us for 2014 Goal Setting!


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Sun, 12-01-2013 - 8:18pm

My 2013 Goals were:

#1 Sinking funds - Save $1,000 in heating, $500 for vacations, $1,500 for home repairs, $1,000 for Christmas done, done, done & done

#2 Save $5,000 in my ROTH IRA I did do this! $5500 actually 

#3 Save $5,000 in my Traditional IRA I did not, I guess I was mistaken, you can have one or the other, but not both a ROTH and Traditional IRA? Is that right?

#4 Save 5-6,000 for home improvements, 2 projects TBD The money was saved, and we spent it carefully.We got a lot checked off the list - installed a patio, a new bed, TV and painted bedroom, shelving for the living room, new vent & light for kitchen.

#5 keep my credit card balance at or near zero Very close, if not zero

#6 take a vacation I am taking a vacation this week! Better late than never!

#7 continue reaching personal goals - weight loss. I continued with this goal, I added 32 pounds to my previous loss in 2012 for a grand total of almost 64 pounds!

#8 find an exercise class of some sort, and try it! Zumba? Jazzersize? I have no idea! I stepped way out of my comfort zone and joined a class, I have 77 classes under my belt. It is so much fun!

#9 Pay down mortgage balance, my goal will be $25,000? This will be tough, but I saw what could be done over this past year, so I am going to push myself. I did not focus on this goal at all this year. I had to buy a new car, so paying that off became my new goal. I did reduce my mortgage by $4481.00

My Goals for 2014 are:

#1 Sinking Funds - $1000 for Christmas, $1500 to home repairs, $500 to vacation

#2 Save $5500 to my ROTH IRA or Traditional IRA

#3 Save $5-6000 for home improvements, projects TBD

#4 Continue weight loss, I hope to reach my goal weight in 2014 and enter into maintenance!

#5 pay off my car loan, I have about $9000 left to pay

#6 Take a vacation and plan a couple of girls weekends away

#7 Reduce my mortgage balance. I hope to really focus on this in 2014. I'll aim for a reduction of $20,000

Can't wait to hear from evetyone else!


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Mon, 12-02-2013 - 10:31am

2013 Goals


1)      Pay off all credit cards remaining I failed on this one. I had all of the cards all but paid off  and then started slacking off…after working pretty hard for this to happen I REALLY wanted a DSLR that I have been looking at for several years. I still love it, but I do not love the CC debt I put myself back into.

2)      Start saving for a new-to-me vehicle with low mileage. Hoping to find something for < $20,000 with a 6,000-10,000 down payment. Hope to be able to make this purchase by the beginning of March. – Completed this goal on January 17th. I found exactly what I was looking for $5,500 and I LOVE IT!!! Had a few very minor issues, but was very well loved by the family that I got it from. They even filled the tank (and 32 gallons of fuel was not cheap...) and gave me a card and a box of chocolates the day I picked it up. I guess they were looking for a family that would love it as much as they did J

3)      Work on myself. Mentally and physically. I am unhappy with myself. This is not my normal state of being, so I need to kick up the mental breaks and the physical activity. I need to also take breaks with the big kids, as they are showing signs of resentment in my new path (they miss me and I completely underestimated how much they would react/act out). – so yeah…failed on this one. We signed up for a membership at the Y, but used it only 3-4 times total. We were paying $60 per month for that until July when I decided that we needed to close that account until we have a little more free time (i.e. I am out of school). Besides that, I have taken more time with the kiddos so they are happier now. I also made an effort to only have classes 2 nights a week (before I had to go 4 nights a week). The big kids are doing much better with this arrangement, though they still whine the days I have to be gone longer.

4)      Complete my MBA by December J Although it is putting a strain on my family slowing down will only prolong my absence. – I extended this to May of 2014 as I received a scholarship AND the school offers a study abroad MBA program to Berlin (a week and a half away). YAY!!! I am so excited.

5)      Pay off aforementioned vehicle by December. This is lofty, but I think I can do it J - Paid ALL CASH for the vehicle since I found it so cheap!


2014 Goals


Whew, 2013 was a LONG year for me. Both of the babies were in the hospital (nothing chronic, just weird random things that have been cleared up) at different times and I thought that I was really going to lose it mentally. I am really just glad that they are both doing well and we are ending the year without any medical bills. I have had four years in a row where we maxed out our deductibles with pregnancies and now hospital stays. Here’s to a healthy, happy year with no medical issues!


1)      Start an EF of $2,000 just in case someone decides to go visit the hospital again. Going to start a modified 52 week challenge to accomplish this.

2)      Pay off those pesky CCs for good ($7,379.92).

3)      Complete my MBA! I am so happy to be done with this goal in May J I have really made some great connections and learned a lot of valuable information (though it may not have an immediate impact on my salary).

4)      Redo bathrooms. I am going to give myself a goal of $3,000 as it is mostly cosmetic upgrades.This is going to be a little daunting since I have somewhat expensive taste when it comes to homes as I see so many done wrong and what that does to resale value.

5)      Attack student loans. Pay of ECSI ($2,000) and move to Sallie Mae ($26,900). Kill some more off if I accomplish these two. I really don't want to be saddled with $800+ monthly SL payments come June.

6)      Keep loving what I do and doing a good job with every project that I am given so that eventually I will get the promotion(s) that I am after. I received a job offer earlier this year in a different jurisdiction and had to do a lot of soul searching…I decided to decline even though it could have propelled my career forward. I would have had to sacrifice A LOT to get there. It was just too big of a jump for me and I realized I didn’t actually want to leave my current employer at all.

7)      My major goal for this year is to put us in the position of selling our current home and building another here in my hometown. As I said before, I have expensive taste in homes, so this is going to be a BIG goal for 2015. If I am successful this year in knocking out all of the debt I will be in an excellent position next year to save up for the 20% down payment.


Good luck and perseverance to all. Very excited to see how others have done this year and their plans for next year. 2014 will be a fantastic year for us all! J

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Mon, 12-02-2013 - 3:57pm

My goal was to stay out of the doctors office and hubby out of the dentist office.  We both did pretty good.  I only remember one real problem that took about four weeks and a change in doctors.  So far I'm OK with the physician just a little hard to get use to his accent.  LOL, he probably feels the same about ME!  

We managed to bulk up our savings and Christmas money by refinancing the house and just pure old saving.  The savings on the house has been enormous.  Really, really, really glad I took the time to do this.  I'll give myself at "Atta Girl" for that move.

We are going into December with a tiny dental bill that I will pay next payday.  And "drum roll, please"...... only 12 weeks to go in Chapter 13.   YEPPIE!

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Mon, 12-02-2013 - 11:09pm

I need to get back to the financial discipline I had in the months after joining this forum. I dropped off the wagon because someone broke my heart. Now I still have debt to tackle, and I've lost time. I wish I could set a goal, but it's hard to predict what my expenses will be like this coming year, since I'm looking for a job in another part of the country. So that's interviews and relocation, and sometimes they pay for some of the expenses, sometimes not. 

I'm hoping to have good insurance in the future, to have surgery, to have a job that allows me to do that, to be in a place where I can get post-op support. 

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Tue, 12-03-2013 - 12:47pm

2013 goals: Lets see how this went!

Increase net worth

YES! new retirement opportunities have come to light because of my husbands job and we keep making payments on our land mortgage so that total goes down slowly. A pretty good year this way.

Possibly pay off truck or drastically reduce the total on that loan

PAID off, can't remember the month, April or May likely.

Increase savings  in the house fund

We did do this, a few thousand. It wasn't as much as I had hoped but I have not worked much in 2013 so I think this is pretty good still. 

Increase other savings

Our retirement is going up now faster than before thanks to my husband's new job and pension there with the match and other options. Mine have increased by monthly payments. 

Lots of changes this year due to selling my store and getting a job. But a great year for us really. 

2014 Goals

1. I think a house may be happening! Get through the planning process with my sanity in tact. Stay on budget, and work it girlfriend so that you can make the payments and are not house poor! This is a concern of mine!!

2. To facilitate goal number one, keep up with my current career trajectory, take the courses I need to, and increase my salary.

3. Maybe not have a crazy year like 2012(baby) 2013(sell my business, get a new job) and get a house(2014) in 2015, Take a breather that year!!!! Too much going on! Need to relax!

Good luck with everyone's goals!

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Tue, 12-03-2013 - 1:44pm

I got all engulfed in 2013 and forgot to post 2014 goals: 

Live fruggle!  I plan on quitting work in March and staying at home helping my husband with all his computer work.  I'm going to start a larger veggie garden, raise many more flowers by seed and recycle and reuse everything I can get my hands on.

We are going to increase the 401 K for hubby and concentrate on some DIY home projects like the deck and maybe extend the front porch in a couple of years.

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Tue, 12-03-2013 - 6:40pm

Wow I can't believe how far I've come this year :)

Here were my goals . . .

1) Decrease debt by $10k this year. This is a lofty goal, but I'm sure its doable. My student loan is at $21,532.04 and my car loan is at $10,526.88. I have always had a 5 year plan to get out of debt by the time my car would be paid off (2015) so to keep on track I need to pay off about $10k a year for the next three years.
I am DEBT FREE!!!! I sold my house, lowered my monthly expenses, got a new, higher paying job and was able to pay off everything!!!!

2) Figure out the basement apartment thing. The cost to do it was really high, however my quote was from a really expensive contractor. There may be potential to lower it by doing a lot of the work myself. I'm not sure. I am considered taking some of the equity from the house to do this (I have about $100k right now) so long as the value increase by finishing the basement is at least equal to what I borrow. Still on the fence about this though.

Didn't go there. Just sold the place and used the money to buy a condo that I LOVE!!!

3) Get healither. I am using more of my health coverage for services like counselling and naturopaths. I need to get myself together asap!

Not so lucky here. I gained a lot of weight over the summer and still need to get rid of it. With the stress of reno's, moving, a new job, a break up etc I am gassed. I am struggling with energy levels and even though I love my new job, I need to get my head on straight.

For 2014:

Focus on my health. I need to drop 15 lbs and get healthy and energetic.

Focus on my efund. I want to eventually get it up to 3 months of expenses but would be satisfied with 1.5 months this year (partially because I am paying an extra $400 a month on my mortgage and will be putting $400 a month into RRSPs to make up for the tax I will have to pay on my car as a benefit.)

RELAX!! This has been the craziest year of my life, so I need to take some time for ME!!!

Bex -

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Fri, 12-06-2013 - 1:03pm

My goals for 2013 were:

1.  Pay off Scion and student loans. Mission accomplished! Smile

2.  Restore emergency fund.  Between dh making more money, tax refund, some inheritance, switching companies so I got 2 weeks pay from leftover A/L, and a bonus I was able to put 2 months salary away plus $1k in regular savings.  I know I need more but right now I'm concentrating on goal #3.

3. Pay down credit cards. We started out by April maxing out both cards (due to pretty much paying fully for medical expenses with a $4000 deductible including meds). But since about August I've been making big payments on both cards (yes we only have the 2).  While we still have a LONG way to go at least now there is some breathing room.

My goals for 2014:

1. Continue paying down credit cards.  I'm going to do my best until daughter starts college.

2. Get best financial aid/scholarship deals possible.  I have no idea how much we're eligible for and how much we'll get.  Daughter will hear about the first couple of places she applied to by the end of the month. So we'll see.

3. Once daughter starts college I may work a second job just to pay down credit cards, loans, etc. faster.

4. Increase emergency fund. 

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Sat, 12-07-2013 - 1:05pm

I didn't do any 2013 goals because I knew I was in a rowboat on rough seas. It pretty much would have amounted to: hold on tight and stay afloat. And i did accomplish that. And we kept our marriage in a happy state during the tumult...but just barely. That was a feat! Scraping for money will stress any r/ship out. Then sprinkle in kid issues and never seeing each other, lol. But we paid down debt - $12K and paid for my school as we went.

For 2014:

- Get the EF back up to $2000 (we have go to a $1000, use it and get it back but can't get past that. Our other $2k was gobbled up by a special assessment)

- Get through another 11 classes towards my degree.

- Make an extra payment on the debt. It was $30K when I started here and we finally dipped below $20K.

- Teach DS1 to ski and DS2 to skate :)


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Thu, 01-02-2014 - 2:36pm

I doubt I did 2013 goals.  So, my 2014 goals are:

1.  Get half of our credit card debt paid off

2.  Save up to buy a "new" used car in the fall

3.  get back to a healthier way of living with diet and exercise

4. Yell less and laugh more