Anyone Else Feeling Budget Fatigued?

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Anyone Else Feeling Budget Fatigued?
Sat, 05-11-2013 - 4:27pm

Someone please remind me how to stay on track!  

I'm just so sick of "splurging" on things like car repairs and flea and tick meds. . . I want makeup . . . and a new dress and shoes . . . and I want to go on a long road trip to the dessert, or in the mountains . . . or anywhere that isn't a city (the last few years I always seem to end up spending my vacation time in cities - next month we are "vacationing" in Philly/NYC due to family obligations - blah).


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Mon, 05-13-2013 - 8:43am
Me too! I was just looking over my weekly check in, and to date I've paid off over $5k in debt. That's 5K that could be sitting in my efund, or retirement, or heck even as a remodelled bathroom. My house needs so much work (new windows, new bathroom (or at least new bathtub . . . mine has mold) new floors, new garage door but all of that is on hold indefiniately. I was playing with the numbers and if I really, really focus hard I can pay off somewhere between $15 and $20K this year . . . but it will mean living like this for the rest of the year and its tough and tiring. I just keep telling myself one day at a time. If I over spend, suck it up and get back on the wagon. And utlimately, as long as I don't incur NEW debt, then every week my minimum payments are taking care of SOMETHING! Good luck everyone!

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Sun, 05-12-2013 - 11:38pm

The short answer is YES. We have been throwing all our extra money on the debt and it has not gone down a great deal. Yet, we have always lived frugally - our problem is not spending but not making enough money. We have done a lot to fix that - and I am doing more by going to school. But being out of the house for 16 hours is killing the food budget! (and my waistline with it!)

So we gave up in May. We overspent on things like new $100 sunglasses each. I had been using the same pair since '96. And we ate out more than the 1x/week we were down to. We bought some storage furniture to organize the kitchen and play room. Luckily, we made extra money and we didn't kill our budget. We just didn't add any extra to debt repayment.

I have been sick for 6 weeks with a nasty lung infection. But I am still trucking to work and school fulltime (only missed two days, lucky me (*sarcasm*).

There is just so much stress right now. I am very po'd at DH right now bc he hasn't become the Mr Mom and Mr Housekeeper I'd love him to be (yep, more sarcasm!). So I don't think worrying about money would be good for our r/ship. At least he tries so I have to give him credit for that :)



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Sun, 05-12-2013 - 1:24pm

We just paid off our truck and I was thinking the same thing. Instead of throwing all of our cash into savings perhaps its time to loosen it a bit. I have blow money scheduled in it but never seem to take the money out. Then I end up feeling deprived and so does DH. We need to make it real even to actually have cash! 

You pay debt off so fast remember a budget is a living breathing thing and can be changed. If you need a breather, take one! Out of the city if you want!

Happy Mother's day!