August 2013 Goals

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August 2013 Goals
Thu, 08-01-2013 - 8:18am

How is everyone doing out there, enjoying your summer?

How did you do with your July Goals? What do you plan to accomplish in August? Financial, personal or otherwise, feel free to share here so we can cheer you on!

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Thu, 08-01-2013 - 9:58am

My July Goals were:

* Add $2700 to savings I added $2000, I fell a bit short here. :(

* make a decision regarding a home improvement project, one of those things you'd like to have & it would increase our property value, but it is not a must have. The money for this has been saved.  Decision made, project booked, complete and paid for. Done done & done.

* Lose 4-5 pounds I lost 4 pounds! woopwhoop!

My August Goals are:

* lose 4-5 pounds, coming up on a year of my weight loss journey.

* Pay off above mentioned home improvement project that ended up being bigger & more expensive than originally planned

* I had major car problems as well, and made the decision to buy a new car. My first payment is due at the end of August, my overall goal is to pay this off as fast as possible. Loan be gone!

Oye, I spent too much money in July!

Good luck everyone!

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Thu, 08-01-2013 - 3:48pm

I think I skipped the July Goals, but I did read back on June's and I accompolished all my goals.  

Here's August:  

1)  Save at least $600 and at $400 in September to make my baby efund and PRAY it stays put.  

2)  Get the papers signed or nearly ready to sign on our refinance on the house.  All is going well.  

3)  Keep working.  Health is a little quirky right now.  My pacemaker is having to work 75% of the time, I'm still working 40 hours a week and commuting 6 - 7 hrs. on top of that.  To say the least, I pooped.  Looking forward to slowing down next Spring.  

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Thu, 08-01-2013 - 4:25pm

Lets see how July went:

1. I hope to not have to dig into my emergency fund/sinking fund. It has just been so nice having it through this year but things are getting tight. I sure have not been adding to it like my budget says I am supposed to lol! We will see.  I do start back to work full time in the middle of July. But we have some expenses coming up like getting some beef for the freezer which is a good deal and will be great but some money out all at once. We did take $1500 out of our new house fund which was expected but still hurt!

We actually increased the house a little, so gaining ground there and increased the sinking funds. It helped that I am working full time right now. I paid for the beef in cash $370 and the a/c we bought for the house will be due next month on a card. We have the cash in our account to pay for it. Number two helped as well

2.My husband got a new job! I'm not sure if I mentioned this. It will be more money and great benefits (which I would never complain about)but less take home because of the benefits. I think  I need to get job after the store business is wrapped up to make it all work. I will find something but I'm not sure if it is because it is summer or what but there is just nothing available right now. I hope that changes in the fall. So polish the resume and keep an eye out for a job.

So far it is more money. The benefits were not what I expected in the cost area. We are  still trying to figure this out and I don't know if we are paying for all the benefits yet. The new few cheques will tell. I have not polished my resume. I think simple might be better. I will get a few people to look at it  and give me thoughts on it. There is not much available around here right now for jobs so better luck in the fall maybe. Or maybe i need a few months o ff!


Just get this store sale over with. One more month. Then figure things out as to where I am and what we are really spending with me not working. I might have a better idea of where things stand in the fall after this sale is completed. Try not to worry about it too much until then!

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Tue, 08-06-2013 - 12:10am
Norma, I hear you. Working 35 hrs/week and commuting up to 3 hrs a day. Little ones are bored with no activities during the summer and stressing me out. House reorganizing and today I refilled the freezer with premade meals. Now I have 2 essays, 1 project and 2 final exams in the week ahead. I wish I could work out but there just isn't time :( My July goals: - get a tan (this was suppose to be me time). Failed miserably on this one. I tried to get me time in the backyard but it was never more than 5-10mins. - Get back on track for budget. We did this...but late June spending from our vacation came in and shocked me. We spent way more than I thought. But we got back on track in July. Good thing too bc DH has had his hours reduced and that will continue. - Efund back up to it's normal amount. Aug: - finish the house reorganization - stay on track with the budget. - earn a little extra money this month. This is going to be super tough with my schedule but I will have to fit it in! If I make my goals, I am going to reward myself with a road trip to grammy's house. That will give me 2 extra hands with the kids :) And grammy is a toilet training genius. With the hybrid, it will only be $40 in gas. Dee
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Wed, 08-07-2013 - 12:27am

I guess I might as well jump in.

August goals... Hmm, let's see.

Finish buying the last couple of school supplies. (deals of course)

Finish buying baby things needed. (again, deals)

Pay off CC - $350.00 to go!

Pay off DH's Loan - $125 to go! (not me, but still)

Put $200.00 in savings.

Declutter bedroom to make room for crib.

That should be enough for now. In general, I have a running list of To Do, so the financial goals are the most important here. IDK if I can get it all done, as things are tight, but I will do the best I can. 

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Fri, 08-16-2013 - 12:38am

I'm coming in mid-month.  Back after quite a long time.

I hope to be active here as I need the motivation to keep my *stuff* together.

Monthly goals are a good start.

Since August is my last month having "extra" money coming in, My goal is to put back $1000.00 and not touch it.  Save it for emergencies.

Challenges:  My car needs brakes and tires.  I want to get that done before it gets too late in the year.  I will be tempted to use my savings.  

I think if I can resist my usual temptations, I'll be ok.  Those little things add up.