Can't live with IVillage, Can't live without it

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Can't live with IVillage, Can't live without it
Mon, 06-17-2013 - 12:11pm

I used to be on this board every day, but boy has IVillage really made it hard to connect with such great people as we have on here.

My access was denied for a month (last posted on 5/29) and I so tried to get back on and reply to you all.

Norma - less than 9 months and a new job prospect - awesome!!

Galstorelady - Selling the store?  When did that issue come about, how and why?  I just can't see you working for someone else, unless you can run it!

Serenity - Congrats on the nuptuals and what a great budgeting result!

Becky - how goes it on the new budget?

And all else, I have missed you.

My update, I am working really hard, but it is paying off.  The tide is turning and I am building my own client base.  I still see putting almost everything I make back into the business through the end of summer, but then I should be able to pay myself and have a base.  I do pay myself for mileage and expenses, but no wages until the base is in place.  Should keep our taxes low this year with kids in school as well.

DD21 is heading to England later this month to study over there.  DSS19 is doing some manual labor this summer, working longgggg days, and he is slimming down, getting more mature and seems to have really grown as a person a lot since the hard work kicked in.  DH is going nuts at work with a big change that happens over the 4th, so he will work and we will stay home.

Yes, the job change was like jumping off a cliff, but now the parachute sees to be opening and hopefully before long I will be spreading wings and flying.  My goal is to get to my previous salary within 5 months, then I should start exceeding it by next year - which is only an 18 month setback. That 18 months has been scary, but I just have to really keep working and having faith and when I think we are at the end, a check shows up!  Last week it was a check from our remortgage out of the blue.  Prayer helps!


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Hi Marie,

I thought you were MIA for a while.  I had finally seemed to have some of the quirks figured out on here, then had more problems today.  My board I CL is on the verge of death right now.  It has always ebbed and flowed, but pretty bad right now.  

I just can't seem to bring myself to leave iVillage!

So glad you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  How scary but how exciting!  


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I think it was story dancer that gave me the tip, if you get an access denied message, just open another tab. It sure works for me. I use  Chrome.

Glad to hear you are back Marie. i was thinking about you the other day,  saying oh I wish Marie was around to help me with a resume because she is the master at it!  Do you think it is wise to have an objective on your resume at the top. I have a 2 year business diploma that I got years ago and I can do anything administrative, I have done my own books for years, the office etc. Business is just such a broad range I don't know where to start.

I am glad to hear you are seeing the light. I hope you can pay yourself very soon! This could be a good Christmas and a wonderful 2014. England is exciting for your daughter!

We are a persistant bunch for ivillage. We are persistant paying of debt and visiting the site. I love to hear what everyone is doing all the time. I did post an accountability thread today. It is a great place to check in or up here. What ever anyone can get to work I say!

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So far I've been able to log in "almost" all the time but I fear we have lost so many members.

Congrats on everything starting to come together.  So glad to hear that life has finally kicked in on DS.  DD must be very excited and mommy very nervous.  

Keep us up to date on how everything is going with your work.