Coupon shopping does not work for me ;(

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Coupon shopping does not work for me ;(
Mon, 10-22-2012 - 12:23pm

I normally grocery shop at a mega mart, with a meal plan for the week, a list of basics that might be on sale and my cash.  A method that works really well for us.  But sometimes I watch these couponing shows and feel I am missing out by not leveraging the sales and coupons to stock up my pantry and get the best deals.

So this Friday after work I went in armed with four weeks of coupon flyers, my ad, printable coupons and even some store coupons I had mailed to me.  I got some good deals because my store adds a bit to the coupon as a match (50% up to $.50.)  My pantry is loaded with named brand soups, pasta, sauces, refried beans and the freezer has frozen pizza, garlic bread, etc.

1.  I spent $42 over my budget - but I did get a lot of stuff.  I was in the store for over 2 hours, looking through coupons, checking deals, etc.!! 

2.  Some of the stuff included 8 bags of Halloween candy - well I got $1 off three bags, they were on sale, they had an instance $.75 on each bag and the store matched the coupon by $.50 - So $3 in coupons minus the sale price for three bags.  Then I had more coupons and more sales, so I am good for Halloween, wow, what a deal.  BUT we have never had Halloween at this house and we are on a dirt road back in the woods - if we get 10 kids I will be shocked.  So who will eat all that candy??? HMMMmmm  (I did buy things I like!)

3.  I am making DH lunch this morning and had enough lunchmeat for one sandwich - his 2nd sandwich was a PBJ.  I forgot to get his lunchmeat!!  I didn't stick to my routine so I forgot and have to run out today for a few things that were not on my coupon list.

4.  I have no idea what the meal plan is for this week!!  DH wants chicken marsala and I have the chicken, linguine, but no mushrooms!!  So back I go.

Lesson learned:  I do better if I stick to a menu plan created by scanning the ads, and by all means WRITE A LIST and carry cash!

Oh, and then I felt so good about my grocery hall, I went out clothes shopping and spend $223!!  Ok, I needed some nicer things for work, and it was buy one top, get one half off, and $25 off over $100 as well.  Arggghhh!

Sales and coupons - KEEP ME AWAY!!




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Mon, 10-22-2012 - 12:50pm

In my area, the coupons are terrible. If there are coupons, they usually expire before I can match them up to a store sale. And I haven't found a store in my area that offers to double a coupon so when all is said and done, I just buy the no name version (usually) and don't bother with them. I

I have to say though, its probably a good thing because I would likely buy a ton of stuff. When I left my job working for a consumer healthcare company I spent the two months prior to leaving stocking up on products from the compnay store. 7 years later I STILL have stuff!!!

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