Credit Report for free?

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Credit Report for free?
Tue, 01-24-2012 - 8:50am


Just wondering if anyone can give me some suggestions on what site to use to get our credit report/score for free. I have head you can get if free annually. Just wondering what site is the best to use.


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Tue, 01-24-2012 - 10:55am
Yes, in the US anyway, by law you are supposed to be able to receive a credit report once a year for free. You should not have to pay anything or purchase membership. I did this some years ago, though I can't remember which site it was. This might have been it:

Can anyone confirm?

Also, if your credit card application (or something along that line) was turned down, you can also get a credit report for free, or at least that is my understanding.

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Tue, 01-24-2012 - 12:36pm
I can confirm. I check mine every year with that site. You can also get your Transunion score for free through
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Tue, 01-24-2012 - 2:03pm

Yep, I used that site to get all three credit reports for my H and myself earlier this month.

There is also a site where you can get your FICO score for free.

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Tue, 01-24-2012 - 2:38pm

I get my free credit report annually


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Tue, 01-24-2012 - 4:27pm
I've gotten reports from all three CRA's every year through