December 2013 Goals

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December 2013 Goals
Sun, 12-01-2013 - 12:20pm

I can't believe that it is December already! How is everyone doing? Did you meet last months goals or fall a little short? Lay it out here for some support and motivation this month :)

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Sun, 12-01-2013 - 12:35pm

I have not posted any meaningful goals for a while, so I decided to jump back into it again. I have let CC debt creep back up and our total debt has risen as well. I also have a feeling that my MBA isn't going to be a lucrative investment, which is where a lot of my new debt is coming from. Time to attack this stuff for real!

December 2013 Goals:

1. Pay down Discover to $3800, that means a $328.73 payment

2. Study a lot and pass both classes this semester...Like a few of my fellow DSG members, I have hit a wall in my studies this semester. I hope it passes and I do a better job for my next and final semester.

3. Attack Best Buy. Get it down from $3041.67 to $2500...a $541.67 payment

4. Stick to the accelerated mortgage payments. I can do it. I can do it.

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Sun, 12-01-2013 - 7:48pm

Nice goals Jen, you can do it!

My November Goals were:

* Lose 4 pounds ~ I lost 2 pounds, I am still happy with the forward progress. Onward!

* prep for a vacation I have planned in early December ~ I have been prepping, I leave this week.

* finish holiday shopping, wrap everything, get the holiday baking done~ done, done & done, now I can relax a bit.

* get my Visa down to a zero balance~ This has not been settled yet, have some pending purchases, and some pending payments, from myself & my workplace. I am confident it's under control, if not at zero.


My December Goals are:

* Lose 2 pounds, between the vacation & Christmas< i think this is a reasonable goal.

* Keep my eating plan and spending under control while on vacation.

* Finish up the last of my holiday celebrations, I have a couple more. More gift giving and more baking.

* Review my 2013 yearly goals, sadly, I don't remember what they were.

* Put some real thought into what I want to accomplish in 2014

Good luck everyone!

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Tue, 12-03-2013 - 12:56pm

Lets see how Nov went!

1. I have 2 trips is to the the states and one is up North to see my dad. I am going to try to keep these trips to a minimum(flight paid for, for the the 2nd trip already) but honestly I think my Credit card is going to be limping. i hope I can get it all paid off before Christmas. I never go anywhere. I want to Christmas shop and would spend that money anyway. I am telling myself I deserve this even though we can't really afford the trip to the states. I do have some American money saved but it isn't going to be enough. 

These trips went great. I still have to pay for the last one on my CC but not until the middle of the month when it is due. We have the cash.

2. Get a pay check! I have started working and am looking forward to getting paid! Perhaps I  can get some extra shifts in November or December. The training is going well. 

Oh I have had 2 now. The next few will be a lot bigger as I am working more because of Christmas.

3. I think we are starting potty training! I need potties! We will probably get some in the states. She does show signs of being ready and has done everything else very early. We will see how it goes and if she needs more time, that is what we will give her. I just have a feeling here it could happen. And no more diapers????? Wow, that would be an expense I could put behind me forever and my grocery bill will hurt a lot less! 

FAIL. I have a potty. I have not started. I don't think she is ready. She did take the seat off and put bite marks in it though lol.

DEC 2013 Goals.

1. Get through the holidays spending very little.  My sister and I have decided not to purchase gifts for each other or the husbands. Just the kids. I have her kids bought for already. I just send cards and pictures to my parents and I bought some gifts in the states aleady for other family. I just need a few more things for my immediate family and to do cards and the food shopping of course. Its going to be a grinchy gift Christmas but spend with loving family and that is what should matter, looking forward to it.

2. Save every penny and plan plan plan for this house. It may happen!

3. Sign up for every shift possible to save save save for number 2! January could be sparse for shifts. I might get to take a course though that would help my career. That would be great for the career and probably good for my brain too. I think it is a 3 day thing, maybe more. 

Good luck in December everyone!