Early Sunday morning

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Early Sunday morning
Sun, 12-01-2013 - 2:44am

A quick hello and hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday!  I had expected to not do any Black Friday shopping, but I sort of got sucked nito it anyway.....I bought a blouse for interviewing and a new leather portfolio (I ruined the old one, but I am hoping I can clean the white marks off it...).....and that is not so bad considering what Black Friday shopping can turn into.  Does anyone have an interesting Black Friday shopping OR not shopping story?

The rest of my weekend has been dedicated to spending time with friends and family.  So far, so good!  But, it has been a lot of driving, and I just see driving now as more expense....

Nothing new happening with the job hunt.  The debt total is just in a holding pattern.  Nothing happening except I work on staying current for now....and then back on the bandwagon to pay it off once I find a job. I'm hanging in there.  i am just trying to enjoy being in moments where I know I am not in a panic......yet........

More later....................Littlesbigs


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Sun, 12-01-2013 - 5:51pm
Hi, Littles! I didn't do any holiday shopping. I just bought some stuff I've been needing for a while, taking advantage of the discounts. I went online, since the stuff I needed weren't the sort of hot items that would be on sale only at brick-and-mortar stores. Sorry, I guess that's kind of boring, hunh? I want to wish you good luck with your job hunt. I'm sorry that you're still the only one taking care of your uncle. Staying current is good. This is a marathon, after all.