February 2014 Goals

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February 2014 Goals
Sun, 02-02-2014 - 2:34pm

Hello all! welcome new members! 

Please feel free to post some goals you'd like to set for the month of February, personal, financial or otherwise. we are here to help encourgae you! 

If you set goals in January, please share your accomplishments! 

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Fri, 02-07-2014 - 12:03am

Here are my Feb goals:

Pay off the balance in one of my credit cards: Current balance $1,640

Pay my 2nd installment on my tuition: $500 -- Cashflowing college, so will be paying this amount thru April (graduating in May..Yay!!)

No eating out/spend not more than $20 - Been good last month,cooked at home for the most part.

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Mon, 02-03-2014 - 2:10pm

I was somewhat successful in January.  I did start a Financial Savings Account through husband's employer.  I checked on increasing his 401K contribution (retirement) but this will have to wait until March 1st when the company allows changes.  I have NOT contacted a financial planner.  I've thought about it and I'm doing some reading, but still somewhat reluctant to do so. (cost, embarrasement that I do not totally understand things that my husband's retirement plan and how it's tired to the stock market).  I'll pull a Scarlet O'Hara on that one......I'll worry about that tomorrow.

I have become somewhat more frugal.  The food budget is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!  This healthier eating has driven the cost up and I've got to try to reduce it.  Hopefully when I am out of work, I'll have more time to plan meals and cut the food budget.  We seldom eat out on weekends, so we are a least not wasting money there.  I have stopped buying as much makeup and nailpolish :)

I did do one VERY stupid thing.   I'll report that on the other thread.

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Mon, 02-03-2014 - 10:11am

1.  DH doesn't have vacation time yet, and he took a week off at christmas, so no check on Jan. 2nd.  Our goal is to not touch the savings at all and just through the month on one less check.

Didn't quite make it, I did have to transfer money over the last two weeks just before paycheck time.  It amounted to about what I had put into the savings during our regular savings each month, so it wasn't a huge deal.  It would have been fine if DH hadn't went crazy skydiving this month though, trying not to be bitter about it...

2.  Sack lunches 3-4 days a week.

I did really well all month taking breakfast and lunches and not eating out for dinners.

3. Evaluate and work on the grocery budget, get creative with meals.

still up in the air with this one, but keeping the grocery budget in tact, so I'll take it.

4.  no credit card spending.

I did end up using it twice, but only because I got caught up in the target issue and they had to issue me a new debit card so I was waiting for it to come.  I paid it right back and will make an extra payment this month.

For February:

1.  Continue taking my lunch 3-4 times a week.  Do not eat out more than once a week for dinner/breakfast.

2. Continue with my lunch time exercise classes at least 3 days a week.

3. No credit card use.

4. Make a payment on DD's tuition, she has a balance at the moment, I don't know if the spring student loan is going to take care of the balance and I don't want a surprise big bill that all needs to be paid this summer.

5.  Get DD's car in for new tires and an alignment so I can get back to driving it to save gas.

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Mon, 02-03-2014 - 9:40am

My Jan goals were:

1. Get back on track with saving. Since the first paycheck will be a 12-day check that will help get us back on track.

Unfortunately we had many many expenses. Eyeglasses for dh (he had to renew his driver's license), but the biggest was the vet bills for our dog who had a bout of pancretitis.  Everything together came to over $1k so I ended up taking out of savings instead of adding to it!

2. Continue to pay down credit cards.  Made good progress since last half of 2013 after hitting max on them due to our high-deductible health plan.

In spite of the expenses, I was able to put down more on the credit cards even though I did charge one of the vet visits to it. But the balances are still going down and will continue to.

Feb. 2014 goals

1. Get back on track with saving. Since the first paycheck will be a 12-day check that will help get us back on track.- same as last month

2. Continue to pay down credit cards.

3. See about either discontinuing or lowering our cable bill again as it went up almost $10 in January.

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Mon, 02-03-2014 - 9:28am

Hey Dollar! Glad you are ok from the car crash and hope you find something soon!

Lets see how Jan went:

Jan 2014 goals:

1. Get housing plans organized. Buy things frugally for the house.

I have not bought a whole lot for the house but feb could be costly. We have the plans for the basement now. Progress is slow but now that we have this piece of paper hopefully we can do more now.

2. Get an investment thing set up I have been thinking about.

I did!

Feb 2014 Goals:

1. Make some progress on taxes with getting forms from my accountant. I paid some more bills for the store(yes I am still closing it out, and I will be for awhile still!!). Keep it going anyway and do as much as I can. I need to figure things out with my personal taxes and hope it isn't more I have to pay than planned..

2. Keep progress going with the house and quotes--the basement is important and windows next I think.If we could more quotes that would be great.

3. Complete and pass my course for work. 

4. Two birthdays this month here. Keep it in check for spending!

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Sun, 02-02-2014 - 4:13pm

January 2014:


  1. Cash flow school trip to Germany. I am budgeting about $1,000 for the hotel, food/drinks, and incidentals (flight is paid for). The trip was AMAZING!!! The people of Berlin are so kind. I wasn’t expecting people to be rude, but I was absolutely taken aback by how truly kind they were all.the.time. If you ever have a chance to go to Europe, definitely take the opportunity to visit Berlin. It is such a young and fun city. We were everywhere on the East and the West sides of the city. The subway system was very easy to figure out and very efficient.

  2. Relax while I am on the trip. The kids will be okay. The kids will be okay…DH thinks this is going to be a great vacation for me, but in reality it is filling me with anxiety. The baby’s health issues spring up out of nowhere and well, it is killing me to disappear for over a week. The kids did wonderfully while I was gone. I was able to Skype with them every night and they seemed to have fun staying at the grandparents’ houses.

  3. Use remaining school money to pay off all but $1,000 on CC #1, #2 and #3 (abt $6,000). I managed to pay off CC#3 and part of CC#2. The rest was used to start the bathroom remodels.

  4. Stay current on all other bills! Bills are all current.


February 2014:


  1. Finish remodels on both bathrooms. We have started on the upstairs half-bath and it seems to be taking FOREVER (started on Jan 20th and have been working on it sporadically since then…we are on full weekend #2). The prognosis for the full bath is not good, lol…We have purchased most of the supplies and still have $841 left in the bathroom remodel fund for the downstairs bathroom plumbing. Wish me luck and speedy progress!

  2. Pay off both remaining CCs with tax refund money ($6,509.27).

  3. Pay off ESCI student loan ($2,000).

  4. Stay current on regular bills

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Sun, 02-02-2014 - 2:50pm

My January Goals were:

* Lose 3 pounds  I lost one pound

*Attend 5 of my fitness classes  I attended 16 classes last I counted! 

* pay off my car! I made the last payment on my car on 01/24, very exciting! On 01/30 I was in a car accident, while the details are still be figured out, my car is most likely a total loss. It was 100% the other drivers fault, and I am lucky to be here. So, if finding a new car is my biggest problem, I will take it. 

* once car is paid off, move onto my savings goals. First up will be $1,000 towards Christmas fund and $500 to vacation fund.  I sent $500 to my vacation fund and $700 to my home repair fund. 

My February Goals are:

* Figure out the car situation. Is it definitely totalled? If so, I need a car. what am I going to buy? How much out of pocket will I be spending? Hopefully not much. 

* Lose 3 pounds

* attend 5 fitness classes. I have a foot injury as a result of this car accident, so I am hoping it heals quickly so I get back to my exercise. 

* add to savings - $800 more to home repairs, $1000 to Christmas, and if possible start funding my ROTH IRA. 

Good luck everyone!