Food and menus

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Food and menus
Sun, 03-17-2013 - 12:30pm

The discussion below got me thinking about how food can consume a large part of our income.  Prices are a challenge got compare since we all live at different price points.  Anyone want to share meal plans for the week?  Between homeschooling and DH working from home. I do plan out all 3 meals.  


homemade blueberry( fresh) waffles with blueberries on top instead of syrup, bacon, and blueberry ( frozen) banana kale smoothies

Barabra's Wheat Wheels cereal, fresh strawberries, whole milk/Cottage cheese and strawberries for me

whole wheat toast and jelly, plain goat yogurt/Greek yogurt with fresh pineapple or strawberries

homemade biscuit sandwiches with eggs, hamsteak, cheddar, blood oranges, milk

quiche lorraine, and a tomato basil quiche, kiwi (brunch) this might change

Oatmeal, apples, milk 


 turkey and baby swiss sandwiches with spinich, tomato and onion, pickles, fruit salad ( pineapple, strawbeerries, bleuberries) , potato salad

grilled cheese and tomato, boxed tomato soup, apples sandwich repeat with apples this time

repeat of sandwiches with apples this time

canned soup ( at least it is organic and low sodium), saltines, fresh pears

no lunch/brunch

chicken masala naan-wiches, briyani, veggie curry naan-which for me (all frozen)


homemade parmesan crusted tiliapia ( fresh), frozen risotto (thanks Trader Joes), asparagus 

cheesy beef football bread, homemade sweet potato fries - ground beef cooked with onions & peppers and mixed with cheddar cheese soup and hollowed out breaf loaf and then stuffed into bread loaf and baked- one of DH's favortie meals form his mom 

flank steak seved on tortillas with pico de gallo and avocado, black beans, and maybe rice 

theater tickets, guessing we'll eat out due to timing

grilled bbq chicken breasts, corn on the cob, watermelon, coleslaw in honor of spring and hopefully warm weather around the corner

chili, corn fritters





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Mon, 03-18-2013 - 4:02pm

G-Whiz, I'm afraid to look at how much we spent on food between my budget and hubby's free money, but it is a lot.  We are both on a diet and he has lost 42 lbs. and I've lost 16.  He has 5 more lbs. to go and I have 9.  But we are eating a lot more fruit, yogart, candian bacon & home raised eggs for breakfast.  Plus on the weekends I purchase the Bisquick low fat and make biscuits or pancakes or pizza crust for busy work nights.  We drink a lot less skim milk, but make up for the cost in yogart.  We do look for sales.  I cook a pork roast and make BBQ, or homemade veggie soup with hardly any meat (think one lower fat burger patty in a large kettle.  That soup will feed us three times.  So will the pork roast.  Tonight I'm serving the pork wih coleslaw with a very light dressing. We are popcorn freaks, so I purchase the store brand.   Sometimes I fix an egg omelet since we have our own chickens.  We have also ate a lot of baked sweet potatoes since they are good for you and hubby purchase a whole bushel from a local farmer last fall.  They have been like eating pure candy. We eat less meat by putting less than 1/4 of what I use to put in any dish.  

Hope this helps.  

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Fri, 03-22-2013 - 1:44pm
Don't really have much to add. I am always on the lookout for ways to eat healthier and to save money. I am not great at planning, but I do attempt to have a rough plan when I go grocery shopping. I keep a running list at home at all times. Rare that I miss something we are low or out of. Have learned that with a meat and potatoes kind of guy at home, some things I have had to let him have his way with. I am able to merge some healthier options into our menu, and usually no one notices. Once in a while though, we all go "ick." I go through phases where I am on the coupon and sale hunt, then I get burned out and just go to Winco.
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Mon, 03-25-2013 - 9:10pm
Blowing the budget this week, but I was out of so many staples, I just needed to refill the pantry. I think planning is a big key to saving money as you only buy what you need, and so much less goes to waste. You also forego eating out or picking up if you have a good plan. We eat at home almsot all meals, even if it is just the two of us. For breakfast I have half a grapefruit, DH has a biscuit and egg sandwich. I pack his lunch, two sandwiches and some chips or something from a big bag. For dinner I use the slow cooker a lot as I have to prep in the AM in order to have something for my late arrival. Today was venison stew with homemade strawberry shortcakes - this was DH's deer, and the strawberries were frozen from our garden and I made the shortcakes from scratch. Yesterday Dh made a chicken marsala, we do one meal a week of leftovers. Shopping with cash is my key element to keeping the budget on track, along with a clear list, meal plan and using the add for regularly used items when on sale.