Friday morning (Long story)

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Friday morning (Long story)
Fri, 07-15-2011 - 1:44am

HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fri, 07-15-2011 - 9:28am
Excellent story Littlebigs ... I totally enjoyed it! LOL ... "Peach Butt" ... very funny!

*sigh* TEENAGERS!! I had the feeling the $100 wouldn't go very far when looking at designer items.


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Fri, 07-15-2011 - 9:34am


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Fri, 07-15-2011 - 1:00pm

OMG.....I so so so glad I only had one child, a boy, and he's 29.....LOL.


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Fri, 07-15-2011 - 2:05pm
Ok, that is too funny! My DD11 just thinks I am cheap and it drives her crazy that I compare prices on just about everything from cereal to new shoes. Let's just say her DAD does not do that. He does have some boundries, but not like mine.

But I have to say....she is subconsciously learning and when her dad gave me $100 to take her clothes shopping, she said "mom, get your phone out with the caluculator so we can add this up."

So, what a great way for your DD to learn the value of a dollar.

We opened my DD11 a savings account so she can save for a car and insurance when she turns 16. The other day she asked if it was OK to put change in the bank, and she has 2 one dollar bills and some change she wants to deposit. I just love it.
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Fri, 07-15-2011 - 4:13pm
Congratulations on paying off a credit card, LB!

I also loved the "Peach Butt" story. . . . hilarious, because I didn't have to endure any of it. I can only imagine the desperation shopping. . . . glad your survived!
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Fri, 07-15-2011 - 10:34pm
Congrads on the CC payoff!!

All teens are truly not like that and I thank gosh mine was and is not. But I love the "peach butt" brand name!