Happy Bunny Day!

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Happy Bunny Day!
Sun, 03-31-2013 - 3:08pm

Holy crap it's taken me days to log into this site! I just wanted to say Happy Easter everyone! I  hope everyone had a great weekend!

I've been incredibly sick lately with strep and a chest infection. I had to take time off work and am still not 100%. Sadly, I have still been on my mad spending streak as I have been so icky feeling that I haven't eaten at home in about a month (a bit of an exageration but you get the point). In the meantime, the weather stripping ripped off my storm door and my windshield cracked . . . again! Egads. So now I'm looking at about $1K in total for car maintenance, new door (it can't be fixed) and new windshield.

But, in order to try and keep it together, I have committed to not eating out in April (with the exception of my Dad's Birthday dinner which is coming out of the sinking funds). I went out and spent $70 on groceries yesterday and got some extra ground venison from BF. I made a pot of chili, slow cooker chicken fajitas, bean salad (though I may have put in too much onion on this one!) shepherds pie, chicken pot pie, tortierre and soup. I am almost done cooking it all and it will be put in the freezer. I think I have almost a month worth of meals right there!

So the plan is to build the home/car efund and as I have money saved, repair/ replace these things. I have taped the door until I can replace it and I have driven around with a cracked windshield before and can do it again.

Once I have a bit more time I will try and update the debt count. It's nothing exceptional as I have really fallen off the wagon but I guess  I can be thankful that I am still going in the right direction, albeit much more slowly than I should have . . .

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Mon, 04-01-2013 - 4:36pm
Sorry you were feeling sick. I hate that. It's just so easy to get take out when you're not feeling good. But it sounds like you are back on track again. I love that you did a cooking frenzy weekend. Sounds like you're set for awhile. Good luck on your April not eating out challenge!
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Mon, 04-01-2013 - 12:13pm

Happy Bunny day!

I finally got on the site. This is getting worse not better!

Sorry you are sick. This time of year can be really tough if you are trying to shake something. You have done really well with your debt repayment this year. You have to expect the ebbs and flows. 

I have driving around with a cracked wind shield for almost a year. I drive on  a lot of gravel so it almost to be expected around there. I have no plans to get it fixed. 

Good luck with your no eating out in April plan. I am eating out this week for supper but probably not for a long time after that. Or at least no plans. Unless I get money back for taxes, then I might consider it lol.