Hello again

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Hello again
Fri, 03-08-2013 - 12:52am

By now I'm sure I didn't get a job this year. Right now, the only remaining possibility is if the negotiation with the person they offered the job to falls through unexpectedly. That happens once in a while, but not often at all. While everyone would feel bad in such a situation, I feel particularly bad because I tried so hard. I was sick during the long, arduous interview trips (the interview in my field lasts for days, and I am basically constantly talking, constantly being observed), but I was so good. I tried and tried even though I felt not so good.

So I have to spend another year in this toxic place. Fortunately the College is dismantling my department, so yay!!!! The good thing is that I can be more removed from my department.

I am a little frustrated by the slowness of the reimbursement checks. They should add up to about $1,000. So what's holding up the money?? That's why I'm not updating my ticker.

I can't help but look at my upcoming expenditures. My dental costs are adding up. I fear I'll reach the annual maximum soon, and after that I'll pay to pay every cent. I still have one more crown to get. At least I have a supernice dentist. I'm going to get an MRI for my shoulder. I hope I won't have to get surgery. If so, I guess I'll reach the annual maximum, after which I won't have to pay. I have some trips (both professional and personal). I feel like I should crunch some numbers to get a sense of how big of a setback I'll have this year.

I also have to get my mind in the right place to finish writing my book. I'll need it to get a job next year.


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Fri, 03-08-2013 - 3:27pm

You're a teacher or a professor, PhD? Can you take your expertise and turn it into a researcher for a museum?  Can you teach online classes through a different 'school' in the evenings?  What about private high schools or prep schools? 

 I have a hard time believing that all professors for all private and public colleges (roughly 4,000 including community colleges) hire only in spring. When my BIL, professor PhD, was ready to start teaching it  it took him a year and a half to secure a postion, but he was interviewing all over the country  in spring, summer, and fall for a variety of institutions, all for teaching positions. This was just a couple of years ago. 

Is there a specific tier of school you are only looking at?  Do you have a specialized area that only certain schools would offer courses in? 

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Fri, 03-08-2013 - 2:47pm

Serenity -- Thanks for the concern. Academia doesn't work like any other profession. A statement like "a job is probably not going to fall into your lap if no one knows you are looking" doesn't apply too well. All the jobs in a particular field (and there aren't that many of them) are advertised in the same venue in the same annual cycle. Applications are generally solicited internationally. In other words, this is an open, public competition. So there are no "secret" openings that I wouldn't know about, except for the equivalent of temp jobs.

So is this like the Olympics? No, because the hire is generally made on political grounds. I don't mean Democrats vs. Republicans, but I mean the interpersonal politics of the individual department, which is utterly, utterly unpredictable. I am speaking from experience because I have served on search committees (i.e., I hired people). So at the end, it's really like winning the lottery, even though everyone will pretend that they hired the best person for the job.

Would the personal factor help? (I am guessing this is a part of your thinking.) If you know people at a place, are they more likely to hire you? This is a case-by-case matter. Because an academic field is often very small, you basically know everyone who is any good. For instance, for one position, I competed against a classmate whom my roommate tried to date, a new friend whose advisor's husband slept with my girlfriend (this happened years ago), and someone I don't actually know -- but I know his advisor, who thinks I'm cute. Is it possible for a job to be created for a certain person, so the skill sets required are exactly that person's skill sets? Yes, but then there are also cases where as soon as the prospective employer found a better match, they rejected the person they created the job for. Sometimes it's a lot like dating.

People on this forum have been very caring and enthusiastic in supporting me in all sorts of different ways, and I deeply appreciate that. I need support, but I don't need advice about my profession. Please don't take this the wrong way.

As for why I ended up where I am, that's typically the sort of question that would a lot of soul searching to find meaning. But it's very much worth thinking about.

To answer your final question, I don't have a family. When I posted to accountability, sometimes I invented a DW and DD. (At one point I got another DD, I think). I have a place I live in, but it's not home.

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Fri, 03-08-2013 - 12:52pm

All any of us can do is take the action and let go of the results.  

A rough quote from a story in the book Alcoholics Anonymous:  We never sit and do nothing and wait for God to tell us what to do.  We do what is in front of us and leave the results up to Him.

Even if a person is not spiritual, it is still clear that a job is probably not going to fall into your lap if no one knows you are looking.  It takes action.  What is hard is to let go and keep taking the action, even when we don't get results as fast as we would like.  

You are at that school for a reason.  You may never know why, but whether it be that you are positively influencing your students, or there are hard lessons you needed to learn, it is all for a reason.  

If you don't mind me asking, I forget what the story is with your immediate family.  I don't recall you speaking of any family, or anywhere you consider "home."  If you don't want to share, that is fine.  Smile

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Fri, 03-08-2013 - 12:13pm

The hiring cycle is like the academic calendar. So it's like applying to school: you can do it once a year. This year is done.

My shoulder is fine for everyday stuff. But I'm active. Having a bad shoulder is limiting, and makes me feel so bad sometimes.

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Fri, 03-08-2013 - 10:13am

I'm so sorry that job didn't pan out.  My husband went through a similar thing several years ago.  Also the dental thing.  We maxed out his dental last year and he has work he needs to schedule on his lower teeth but his job is super busy right now.  

Can you try for another position somewhere else before one year?????  Don't totally give up. Keep your eyes and ears open.  Think positive.  Hope your shoulder is not too bad.