Here I am...AGAIN...with a weekly update

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Here I am...AGAIN...with a weekly update
Wed, 11-20-2013 - 1:26pm

The balance with the Chapter 13 Trustee on the car is $1,317.81, the truck $1,451.25 and the trustee's fee is $944.88.  These three items are to be paid in full.  Anything else paid to the court for the next 13.45 weeks is gravy or extra to the unsecured debts. Why do I bring this up?  Work is "Pitiful" ...I don't know how this company will make it through the winter.  I realize that I could be laid off.  I think there is enough coming in so that I will at least work through the end of the year.  I do wish things would pick up for them, even though I am planning on quitting the first of March.  

Health is so so, good days and rough days.  I cannot wait to be a stay at home wife or work a part time job close to home.