I got promoted but . . .

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I got promoted but . . .
Thu, 02-09-2012 - 6:10pm

the other manager was let go :( I am having a hard time with it because even though I had suspicions, I really didn't see this coming. I know that my promotion has nothing to do with her being let go, but it's still hard. I was working with her on a project this morning and then at 12 I get a call from the director (she had travelled to our Montreal office where other manager was and was calling me from there) to say that

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Mon, 02-13-2012 - 2:34pm
Oh my.......sort of a two-sided coin......Congrats }}} at the same time.


"Patience is the best remedy for every trouble"- Plautus

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Mon, 02-13-2012 - 3:38pm

I totally can understand feeling bad for your colleague - that is so typically Bex! It is what makes you who you are.

But 10%, then 12% bonus on the new amount (really means 13%) and most of all the extra vacation days!! WOOO HOOO.

Please take your days! Even adding one on here and there for a three day weekend to decompress is helpful to your stress level.

I remember a couple years ago when you were pondering this job, glad you took it now?

Hey, how are they about continued education?