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Thu, 02-21-2013 - 4:24pm

Jen started it, but I have been thinking it.  I have such a list in my head of "I wants" it is keeping me up at night.  These are not things "I need" in order to live, but things I would like that if I had more money right now, I would try to get.  I figured if I get it out of me, I will be able to sleep a bit better.  Some are things I want for my business, kind of investments in my business to make it easier, but it takes money.  Then I have a list of things I personally want.

SO what are YOUR WANTS???


Business wants:

  •  - 2 new (or new/used) chairs for the conference table in my office ($200)
  •  - A new ultrabook with touch screen that flips so I can to client proposals outside my office ($1200 with warantee)
  • - 3 Marketing initiatives, one for each upcoming quarter ($2500 each)
  • - Training classes to further specialize my practice: B, C and D (I bought A already) which are $450 each and include certification testing

Personal Wants:

  • -Blinds in kitchen and sunroom
  • -Bathroom Makeover (new tile shower, new medicine cabinets, sink, counter and top, all tile, paint, etc.
  • -Kitchen makeover
  • -Basement finished
  • -New Landscaping
  • - Wardrobe makeover (some new power suits)
  • - Gym membership back


Ahh if I only had the funds!!



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Fri, 02-22-2013 - 7:12pm

oh fun!  

I WANT (in no particular order)

- A new netbook (my current one is slow and glitchy)

- A tablet for hubby (though I think his employer could get this for him)

- TV (since our large screen is being very tempermental - though if it ever actually completely dies, I'll just use my small screen from the bedroom)

- new microwave (it doesn't always work)

- new dishwasher (it's never really worked right ever)

- vision appointment for Hubby and new glasses if he needs them

- Medical checkup for both of us 

- more life insurance for hubby

- $400 worth of dental work for myself

- a snow scraper for the roofs

- a 5 subject notebook

- cat litter

- new lines (ropes) for the 15 ft sailboat (surprisingly expensive)

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Sun, 02-24-2013 - 2:33pm

I'll play.

I have alwayssss wanted a Jag PB!

Business 2 x new coolers $4000, New A/C $3000

Personal: A NEW HOUSE!!, and hubby wants a new bob cat and a new mower. Too much money to list. But for our current house, new doors front and back, new kitchen floor, new paint and tub surround for one bedroom, and new light fixtures for at least 4 spots,  and new living room curtains.

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Tue, 02-26-2013 - 3:01pm

PB -

I was looking at the items such as the Jag, airplane and sailboat as ultimately optimistic.  Not health and children!

I sit with people every day and we talk about where they are not (usually retired or about to) and what their dreams were in the past.  Many will not be able to retire.  More are afraid of outliving their money.  IF they had it to do again, they would have foregone some of the "toys" and had more savings.

I think it does take more than luck to achieve things. Luck and connections only go so far, after that you have to bring it to the party or you are not invited back. 

When we talk about goals, we put them on paper and make a plan to achieve them.  A goal becomes a plan, and plans have contingencies as well.

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galstorelady wrote:
I have alwayssss wanted a Jag PB!

Why do you want a Jag, Karen? Some of the items on my list are childhood nostalgia -- things I had and will likely never have again. Perhaps properly speaking it was my family that had them. Why is it that I want things I had in childhood? My siblings aren't the same way.

I definitely want the kitty kat on the hood, though!

Jags were high maintenance. I don't know about these days. Now I'd be happy with a reliable, gas-saving Honda Civic. Mazda 3 isn't bad either, and it's a very agile, nimble car. But when I drive a car like that I tend to get the traffic finger a lot.