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Thu, 02-21-2013 - 4:24pm

Jen started it, but I have been thinking it.  I have such a list in my head of "I wants" it is keeping me up at night.  These are not things "I need" in order to live, but things I would like that if I had more money right now, I would try to get.  I figured if I get it out of me, I will be able to sleep a bit better.  Some are things I want for my business, kind of investments in my business to make it easier, but it takes money.  Then I have a list of things I personally want.

SO what are YOUR WANTS???


Business wants:

  •  - 2 new (or new/used) chairs for the conference table in my office ($200)
  •  - A new ultrabook with touch screen that flips so I can to client proposals outside my office ($1200 with warantee)
  • - 3 Marketing initiatives, one for each upcoming quarter ($2500 each)
  • - Training classes to further specialize my practice: B, C and D (I bought A already) which are $450 each and include certification testing

Personal Wants:

  • -Blinds in kitchen and sunroom
  • -Bathroom Makeover (new tile shower, new medicine cabinets, sink, counter and top, all tile, paint, etc.
  • -Kitchen makeover
  • -Basement finished
  • -New Landscaping
  • - Wardrobe makeover (some new power suits)
  • - Gym membership back


Ahh if I only had the funds!!



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Fri, 02-22-2013 - 1:29am

You want to know something absolutely crazy? I did a huge "want" list when we moved in here 4 yrs ago and DH thought I was nuts bc it was just a time waster. By year 2, I had crossed everything off the list including take violin lessons, lol.


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Thu, 02-21-2013 - 9:38pm
Interesting post Marie! - I want to redo my bathroom. I can't be sure but I partially suspect that the mold in my shower may be impacting my health (I am currently trying to bulk up my home sinking fund - I think this will be a $2k rennovation and I currently have $500 saved) - I want to finish my home reno I still need closet doors, baseboards, backsplash (etc) - Okay how about I just say I want to fix up the house in general :) - I want to vacation to Africa and Asia - I want to update my wardrobe - I want to buy rental property Sigh. All in good time I guess

Bex -

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Thu, 02-21-2013 - 7:52pm

I want health. I want good medical care.

I want a partner.

I want children. That's going to be hard -- most women I come across either have enough children already, or they've decided not to have children. 

I want to be out of debt.

I want world peace.

If we're talking about material things, guys like me have a long list of toys they want:

-- Contax G2 rangefinder with Zeiss lenses ($1,500-$2,000) (I thought I wanted a Leica, but I decided I like Contax better)

-- Nikon D700 SLR, with a bunch of really fancy lenses ($10,000)

-- PSE Tac Elite Crossbow, plus an assortment of recurve bows ($3,000)

-- Calphalon cookware

-- Shun kitchen knives

-- A really good oven

-- A gas range (I like to cook)

-- Antique Japanese swords (koto) (5 digit range each)

-- Conrad-Johnson valve pre & power amps, Martin Logan electrostatic speakers

-- Mazdaspeed 3 (a modest sports car)

-- Jaguar (I've always wanted a Jag -- reliving childhood)

-- Tag Heur watch (again, reliving childhood)

-- A collection of antique typewriters, calculators, cameras

-- A collection of bespoke suits, shirts, etc.

-- Shoes. I like shoes.

-- A sail boat

-- An airplane

-- Scuba gear and lots of trips to great diving locales

and more...

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Thu, 02-21-2013 - 7:04pm

I spent ages typing a reply, pressed "post" twice and my reply is just gone :(

I started out by saying that I live in a beautiful, peaceful place, I'm warm enough and not going hungry, and amazingly I sleep well most nights. I know this is all a blessing. 

Anyway, my needs are to get our new business up and running asap. We are almost there; it has been a long haul.

I need to be able to pay the bills on time in full every month. I'm sick of juggling and the mental exercises of figuring out how to pay everything.

I need to pay off the debt (the legitimate debt that we know we incurred, have paperwork for etc) asap. I need to get out of the hole we are in. My self esteem is based on paying on time, being able to afford the basics of life and being debt free. The past few months have been a terrible blow, but a huge learning experience as a result.

I will need a new computer in the next few months.

I need and want to start saving aggressively for our own property. I want our own home, where I can paint the walls whatever colour I please, and where I can have a garden and chickens. My present house is amazing, but there is no garden and I would never be permitted chickens.

I "want" time to read a book, for hours on end and think of nothing else. No time for that right now. I "want" brand name skin cream and a new mascara. I can't afford those things and I won't charge them on a credit card. I want my own home where I don't feel like a tenant, where I can create a garden that is mine as the years pass, and where I can have chickens. I want to be able to have a bird (a parrot of some sort) and know that I can pay a vet bill without blinking.

Thanks Marie, this was a great exercise to show me that my "wants" are few, and that really I have a lot and know what I need to work on.