Interesting "collection" letter

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Interesting "collection" letter
Mon, 11-28-2011 - 5:41pm

Over the weekend I recieved a collection notice for one of my medical bills.

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Tue, 11-29-2011 - 3:39pm

I had the same thing happen this month but in my case I knew why I was getting it.

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Tue, 11-29-2011 - 11:31am
I would say this is worth a phone call to get it taken care of to the right agency. You don;'t wan to send it to the wrong person. Sorry you have to deal with this but don't be too hard on yourself, you have come a long way these past few months and you will actually be reducing your debt soon. I can feel it.
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Tue, 11-29-2011 - 9:10am

it could be that it's an in-house collections dept that they have made sound 3rd party.

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Tue, 11-29-2011 - 5:50am

Groups of doctors many times go together and have another group do their billing and also their collecting if the account runs over 60 or 90 days. Both things are done in the same office.

I had three doctors in the same building that was next to the hospital I was in a year or so ago. All the bills came from one office even the hospital bill. The only difference was the account numbers on the bills.

I made arrangements with one lady to pay off all the bills. Everything was working fine until one month one of the payments ended up on the wrong account. I never got to where I got a collection letter but I did get an overdue letter because of it. It took us a week or so to get that mess straighten out. But we did. And everything got paid in the end.

I will tell you this. The arrangement I worked out with the lady was this I started paying 25 a month to each of the bills. There was 4 and as each bill got paid off they added the 25 to the next bill. and so on until the last one was paid. Around here if the bills are more then a few dollars they divide the bill by 6 or 12 months for you to pay.

Doctors scare me more then any credit card bill but of the 30 60 90 on their bills.

Good luck

Mary Ann