It's been a good week ....but

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It's been a good week ....but
Fri, 01-03-2014 - 1:47pm

....hum......always a but somewhere, right?

Only 52 days to go and we will have succeeded in our Chapter 13 plan. I was in such a great mood until hubby gave me some bad news on my way in from outside feeding the animals.  His company started a new payroll system.  He got paid yesterday as usual direct deposit, but they REVERSED it last night!!!!    This is the stuff night mares are made of......I wrote a check yesterday for the house payment !!!!!!!!!!   So far it's not cleared the bank, and by the time it goes through the Federal Reserve banking system, hopefully the check will not hit my credit union until Monday.  In the meantime his company is overnighting a paper check....G WHIZZZZZZ    I did not need this!  nor want it.

Here's the good news.  I called the cable company and ask for another $15 a month discount because we have TV (billed personally) & internet/phone service (bill thru hubby's employer).  We have all three services, but do not receive the discount most customers do receive.  They gave me $30 off a month for the next year.  BIG savings. 

Then today I go to get my expensive refill on medicine and find out it is now generic.  I'm saving $17 a month. 

Now....breathe in....breathe out...

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Fri, 01-03-2014 - 2:24pm

Sounds like over all things are good.  (tactfully ignoring the payroll hiccup)  

I LOVE it when I am able to save, even if just a little bit.  


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Sun, 01-05-2014 - 3:15pm

Well, it sounds mostly good if everything clears your account. But really that is ridiculous that his work can/would do that! I wonder if things bounced, if they would cover the NSF charges. My bank screwed up once and I got them to pay the charges...but it took 4 phone calls and 8 weeks :)

Sorry I haven't been supportive of your stresses me out. My job ends Mar31 so you are counting down for me too. I am just not happy about it! LOL.