January 2014 Goals

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January 2014 Goals
Sat, 12-28-2013 - 10:59pm

Lets hear it everyone how did December 2013 goals go? What are your goals for January 2014? I miss you all posting frequently and I hope we have a lot more activity this year on the board. The motivation that you all have given me is amazing and I would love for newcomers to benefit from your support and advice as well. Happy New Year!!!

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Sat, 12-28-2013 - 11:00pm

January 2014:


  1. Cash flow school trip to Germany. I am budgeting about $1,000 for the hotel, food/drinks, and incidentals (flight is paid for).

  2. Relax while I am on the trip. The kids will be okay. The kids will be okay…DH thinks this is going to be a great vacation for me, but in reality it is filling me with anxiety. The babys' health issues spring up out of nowhere and well, it is killing me to disappear for over a week.

  3. Use remaining school money to pay off all but $1,000 on CC #1, #2 and #3 (abt $6,000).

  4. Stay current on all other bills!

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Mon, 12-30-2013 - 11:03am

My December Goals were:

* Lose 2 pounds, between the vacation & Christmas< i think this is a reasonable goal.  I lost .2, haha, so there was a "2" involved, just a lot less than I aimed for! 

* Keep my eating plan and spending under control while on vacation. I did keep both in check and still had a fantastic time!

* Finish up the last of my holiday celebrations, I have a couple more. More gift giving and more baking. Yes, it's all completed. so much fun, but so.much.work! 

* Review my 2013 yearly goals, sadly, I don't remember what they were. I looked them over, and am very happy with all that I accomplished in 2013!

* Put some real thought into what I want to accomplish in 2014 I have done this. 

My January Goals are:

* Lose 3 pounds

*Attend 5 of my fitness classes

* pay off my car! 

* once car is paid off, move onto my savings goals. First up will be $1,000 towards Christmas fund and $500 to vacation fund. 

Good luck to everyone, the more the merrier!

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Mon, 12-30-2013 - 11:25am

December 2013 

While we spent a good deal of money, I was still able to pay the cc's (2 of them) large amounts so the paydown is continuing. 

January 2014

1. Get back on track with saving. Since the first paycheck will be a 12-day check that will help get us back on track.

2. Continue to pay down credit cards.  Made good progress since last half of 2013 after hitting max on them due to our high-deductible health plan. 

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Mon, 12-30-2013 - 1:35pm

I don't think I set a December goal on here, but I did meet my own personal goal of Christmas spending and that was a big accompolishment.  It's so hard to say "STOP" buying and stick to it.

Also I got one well care screening behind me and no personal bills looming except what we owe the dentist after the insurance pays their portion.

For January I hope to sit down and calculate how much money to put in husband's FSA account for prescriptions and co-pays.  I would also like to discuss increasing his retirement by at least 1% and maye 2%.  I would love to consulate a financial planner but I do not want to pay a fee.  Thinking about contacting our credit union and seeing if they have a free financial planner.

I plan on being more frugal than I have been for the past six months.  I have let up a little and need to go back to my old ways.  I'm trying to think more about purchases and trying to figure out how to stretch food dollars before garden season kicks in the May.

So to sum it up my two goals for January are  A) Kick Frugal mode into high gear.   B)  Financial planning on the cheap.

Wish me luck!

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Wed, 01-01-2014 - 11:23am

lets see how Dec went:

DEC 2013 Goals.

1. Get through the holidays spending very little.  My sister and I have decided not to purchase gifts for each other or the husbands. Just the kids. I have her kids bought for already. I just send cards and pictures to my parents and I bought some gifts in the states aleady for other family. I just need a few more things for my immediate family and to do cards and the food shopping of course. Its going to be a grinchy gift Christmas but spend with loving family and that is what should matter, looking forward to it.

My sister b ought me a gift, grrrrr. She was told not to! I must do something nice for her! I read in the paper in December that the average family spends  $1800 on Christmas between gifts food and booze! Really. I totatled mine up. All spent, $606 including extra booze and food. Oh wait, I went to that other party, add another  $12.

2. Save every penny and plan plan plan for this house. It may happen!

We bought a  house. It is last year's model home, and rtm. A ready to move house. We are in plan mode. We had enough saved for the down payment on the house part. Lots involved in this. Money from the store has started to roll in. More in Feb 2014 I am hoping. Dreams  do come true!

3. Sign up for every shift possible to save save save for number 2! January could be sparse for shifts. I might get to take a course though that would help my career. That would be great for the career and probably good for my brain too. I think it is a 3 day thing, maybe more. 

Doing very well here. I have been working so much over Christmas. The shifts will die off until spring I think but I should get at least 25 hours a week I hope.  Some of the hours I am an acting manager and get paid way more. I will get a pay bump here in January though so that will help. I am signed up for a couple courses in Feb. After I have these under my belt I should be able to apply for a higher up job possibly in the summer!

Jan 2014 goals:

1. Get housing plans organized. Buy things frugally for the house.

2. Get an investment thing set up I have been thinking about.

Happy 2014 everyone!

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Wed, 01-01-2014 - 6:13pm

Happy New Year Everyone!! I hope we all had a safe and happy holiday!

My goals for January are pretty simple.

1) Lose 5 lbs. I can't get into my clothes and it stinks so I need to focus on eating better and exercising. Much better than buying a new wardrobe

2) Start an RRSP. My company car is considered a taxable benefit and I don't think the amount of money they take off my check will cover what I am likely to owe in taxes. For 2013 it won't be an issue because I had maxed out my CPP and EI contributions prior to joining new job and they started deducting again so I have overpaid by about $1000 but for next year I don't want a nasty tax shock so I 'm being proactive. I also have to check into the status of my employee savings. I signed up for the company match but haven't seen it come off my pay yet (I'm putting away 5% and they are giving me an additional 2.5% on top of what they are putting in my retirement - Can't argue with free money)

3) Build up sinking funds. I have no consumer debt (!!!) but went a litttle nuts over Christmas so my sinking funds are pretty depleted. I need to stop the bleeding. Eating better and losing weight will help because I will have no time/desire to spend money eating out!

4) Be Happy! 2013 was a roller coaster of a year for me but it ended well. I want 2014 to be amazing!

Bex -

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Thu, 01-02-2014 - 1:51pm
I have one goal for 2014: Get the business running fluidly to be able to pay myself! Ditto Becky, in that 2013 was a roller coaster year, but I am poised to do well into 2014. Heck all the business I wrote in 2013 has still not hit, so it hould be good when it does. -Marie
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Wed, 01-08-2014 - 1:46pm

Small goals this monthh:

1.  DH doesn't have vacation time yet, and he took a week off at christmas, so no check on Jan. 2nd.  Our goal is to not touch the savings at all and just through the month on one less check.

2.  Sack lunches 3-4 days a week.

3. Evaluate and work on the grocery budget, get creative with meals.

4.  no credit card spending.